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  1. like living in a country with only one political party...i want to have a choice...film or digital...artistically and what's right for the job...I don't want a digital dictatorship where there is no choice..that would be awful
  2. Long live France! Long live Liberty! Downing Street has confirmed that there will be a minute's silence in UK on Monday at 11:00 GMT (Noon in Paris).
  3. in honor of Ingmar Bergman.. Mr. Eastman and Mr. Edison with their new inventions. ( I found a roll of 35mm 5279 for $50..so close)
  4. Hey Hans! im in L.A....but there is a lab in the U.K. that right now is offering deals...!! it's like a film processing package..also there is a lab in Romania...and they are great! when you buy film you are also saving on archival cost and post..and it's fun!
  5. starting my kodak film is cheap student's guide...starting with passion... 1.) use your 30% http://motion.kodak.com/motion/Education/index.htm?CID=go&idhbx=student 2.) short ends from major films (media service companies can help with this as well as your friends who are working on films..) 3.)ebay. (next post cheap film cameras..)
  6. buying kodak stock..with that?? my student buyer's guide to kodak ..coming next...!!!
  7. +1 200 ..and 50d film ...give the image...subject..actor...actress..friend...family member..an unexplainable feel..like etched in immortality...
  8. +1 paying clients want the best...usually I push for kodak film...producer saves on post and rental....pick the right camera for the job
  9. ".. best is to use film and digital...keeping them both evolving and competitive.." film has an energy....
  10. what I'm learning here in LA from Producers and Post houses is besides saving time in Post..your saving on the obvious costs of post and camera rentals...making working with kodak a cheaper option than alexa..etc.. (i will post in the future how the producers are saving money and working on film )
  11. Kodak Motion Picture Film | Facebook Tom behind the wheel..
  12. it sounds like you everything really wired over there...nice! the only thing I can add from here and watching the colorists and dps work..is that everyone really likes kodak film here..it's like how the human eye sees things.....very passionate and successful professionals .. good luck to you again...
  13. why the 25K? (how did they come up with that number?) what are the other successful companies in your area using? is it necessary to own equipment in your market? (are there rental houses in your area?) can you rent the higher end stuff when needed? do you have producers and production managers working for you? (if so what do they say?) (i'll try to give you an example from working here in LA that might help..) good luck
  14. ​from across the pond in Los Angeles..we echo you sentiments exactly...
  15. (the giant conglomerates like arri, nikon have enough of everybody's $$$) Kodak is hurting right now...if you can buy a roll of 16mm ..shoot...check out the highlights..blacks..skin tones..it's brilliant stuff..something to move forward with
  16. "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"...don't let them censor you
  17. for me it's the hybrid use of kodak film..(what Shane Hurlbut's interview is about) something like 70%-80% film ..especially daylight Shane Hurlbut On Cinematography! - YouTube
  18. I bought this moviecam 35mm camera which I think was made in the 90's ..runs like a rolex ..and it was payed for in two days..
  19. from a practical and professional standpoint...(in L.A.) using kodak film results in more high paying work in advertising...I think the topic of Kodak film needs a sub forum...so members can experiment...(and learn cheap ways to shoot with it)
  20. http://vimeo.com/83774924 here's a director dp working with (super cheap) super 8mm (i support the artist and whatever choice he or she makes) for me kodak film...watching first dailies...well it was love at first sight...the unexplainable... for practical reasons use both digital and film keep them both competitive and evolving
  21. since I'm born in '91 I have no emotional attachment to kodak...but after working with it...well there is a magic to it....professionally in LA shows like BREAKING BAD..TRUE DETECTIVE..BOARDWALK EMPIRE..are amazing visually...pick the right medium for the right job...(for me ..it's when you have actors..models...high end commercials...skin tones are important) (try it when you can it is amazing) no reason to wish the death of a great medium..which built the industry
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