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  1. Still looking really want to get exactly +0.4 not finding much though still.
  2. Except for the extremely rare square lomo for my lens
  3. Is it pretty old? Maybe the glue or housing came loose on the lens.
  4. Yeah I checked the diopters thread. 0.5 i guess works id rather have the LOMO 0.4 though meh
  5. I know its like beating a dead horse. Long shot, but looking to see if i can find a proper +0.4 diopter for the Panasonic LA7200. Not finding much of anything so figured id post see if anyone either has one to sell or knows some good spots to look. Thanks!
  6. Problem is finding one. I have an LA7200 Id like to get an Iscorama36 non MC but good frickin luck. D: Keep debating attempting to take the multicoating off of the La7200.
  7. Another option may be the Varizoom http://www.amazon.com/Varizoom-Fully-Supported-Stabilizer-Camera/dp/B000MT1Q48/ref=sr_1_7?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1372467166&sr=1-7&keywords=stabilizer+sled   By my estimate my camera weight is right within 10-20 so around 15 or so i'd think.   Just dont need the arm :\ I contacted Glidecam to see if they have an option however it looks like ill just have to waste money buying another vest and arm.
  8. There's a few so far in theory that would work. Glidecam V-Series Steadicam Pilot-AA Which another issue is I have a broadcast LCD already. I don't need another one there's just no budget customization options out there that I can find.
  9. I have not and that's the issue. Don't have a scale anywhere. Gotta find one first and go from there. It looks like stabilizer sleds are the only option. However most for the weights I'm guessing at I.e over 10 lbs come with the vest and arm as well. Nothing separate.
  10. Im in need of some advice. I have a full Redrock UltraCage setup. Backplate everything and power distribution system connected to a V-Mount battery. Its heavy to say the least. I bought the Steadicam Merlin and body brace. Which worked with just the dslr, well even with the beginning parts of the ultracage. However with the full ultracage and battery it is far too heavy.   Im in need of a scale for sure, however does anyone have any suggestions for good heavy duty heavy camera stabilizers? Im concerned the Glidecam 4000 doesn't support the weight I need it to support.   Additional accessories on the camera Marshall LCD H4N Zoom Sennheiser boom mic with blimp windscreen   Its all very heavy and most I can find only support 4-10 lbs   Ultracage setup   Ultracage Ultracage backpack and v-mount battery attachment Shoulder support (which I could very well remove without much effort that in itself is heavy) MatteBox (id like to use this however i can remove it)   Id like one that i can just lock onto with a Manfrotto quick release plate whenever I need a steadicam shot and not have to take the whole ultracage apart just to do it.   Thanks in advance.
  11. Now I realize this probabl isn't the best idea just wondering what everyone's opinion on it was. I was thinking for a better lens flare removing the multicoating on my cheaper canon lens. I found this tutorial although I'm a bit dubious as to how well it would work. http://www.ehow.com/how_7830132_replace-multicoating-camera-lens.html Just using clean wipes? Can it really be that easy?
  12. I like your design. Might make one of my own if you dont mind. Gonna add a little personalization touches to it, probably a ruler on the base. For different lenses then you can have precise measurements recorded for easy setup.   I was also thinking of a custom housing and using probably like a vintage camera billows to reduce light leak between the front lens and the one attached to the prime lens. In addition making the housing itself move as well.   Also if you wanted to get real technical. Add gears, so when zooming with a lens that has front movement, it automatically adjusts the anamorphic front to the right distance.   Technical stuff but small improvements i might look at. I have access to a 3d printer so fabrication should be fairly simple.   Great idea btw.
  13. Eh if nothing I may just go with an LA7200 Diopters be damned, ill figure something out. At least those are easy to get.
  14. What are the honest odds of getting an iscorama 54 non multi coated anywhere at all. Just gotta get lucky? Theres one multicoated one on ebay.   Also wondering if anybody had a picture comparison of the multicoated vs non multicoated?
  15. The biggest 2 things I want is rack focus and lens flare. Clarity would be nice as well however I can sacrifice some clarity in general for rack focus and flare. Gives it more of a specific look then. Hm this anamorphic is difficult surprised there aren't any lenses really made for it recently.
  16. Ok so lets say I up the price range from 2000-4000 ill probably have more options? Would iscorama be a good choice at that point? Within that price range what lenses might work properly?
  17. Well a little vignetting and distortion can be corrected in post it just all depends how bad it is
  18. Hmm not familiar with the LA7200. Yeah diopter aren't a problem. So what I'm gathering is the Century / Optex are a good with diopters. I mostly do live events and bands. Some weddings and such. I'm hoping to do some music videos and full movies in the future. Ill have to keep a look out. Just hard stuff to find sometimes.
  19. I am looking to buy an anamorphic lens. A few caveats, I have done some research however if anyone is selling feel free to reply here or send me a private message.   This is also a sort of feel out post as well see what everyone recommends. I havent used one myself however I have done research including getting the guide so I know what Im dealing with.   No projection lenses. Large and bulky, I dont need anything like that. My arm was damaged a few years back. MRSA took 60% of my deltoid. Need it small hopefully well smaller than a projection lens at least.   Not too picky on the squeeze ratio. Anamorphic is anamorphic, I mean the closer to 2:39:1 the better.   Lens flares are important. Want nice wide ones high quality would be fantastic.   Rack focus, definitely a must. Less adjustment on the lens itself the better. Have hard enough time freehanding while manual focusing one lens much less two XD.   Also in reference to the camera I have a Canon EOS 5d Mark III and a Mark II of the lenses I have 35 1.4L, 50mm 1.2L and a 70-200 2.8L IS II USM   I gather I may need an 85mm lens to take advantage of rack focus and an anamorphic lens with the full frame cameras. No problems there just feeling it out seeing whats available. If i can find the right lens that meets the specifications I need for a competetive price well im looking to buy thats for sure.   In any case let me know. I think I got most of my information correct. I would prefer under $4000. A comfortable range for me is $1000-2000 $3000 if its a top quality lens id say.
  20. Ooh shiny in a matte black panoramic sort of way XD full hd wonder how Final Cut Pro preview display works on the higher res
  21. What kind of prime lens did you use with this? Will multiple ones work? Or is this more a solution for lens flare?
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