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  1. It is already available. Here.
  2. BTW, in case someone is waiting for it, I talked to RJ and he said that lens booster for C/Y mount will be out in 3 to 4 weeks.
  3. This is my first filming experience that I share with the public. So please be nice :) Details are in the description.
  4. VLC player does not play very well with AVCHD on my Mac. I use MPlayerX and it works well but I wish I could set up a custom 3:55:1 aspect ratio to preview my anamorphic footage. As for the peaking, it works really well on GX7 but sometimes it gets peaky when the contrast is low.
  5. Today, I've realised that lens hunting is an addiction :) @Olly, I think that's not a very nice question to ask. You're on Andrew's forum and asking if his book is worth buying. May be the question should've been, "should I buy it." Just my two cents.
  6. Thank you for the suggestions.
  7. No, the speed booster remark was for the Zeiss lens. However, the speed booster I was referring to was RJ Lens Turbo and its Canon FD version is available already. The EF version is not out I think. My problem with the stabiliser is that, I think, because I play with the transform or distort to get the right aspect ratio, that affects the digital stabiliser. I was thinking about exporting the footage as Pro Res and bring it back, stabilise and re-export. I need to test this. Actually, I've found a really good cage and rig for a BMPCC but the GX7 is 5mm taller in height. Otherwise, it was a perfect match. Do you have any experience with the diopters with 8Z?
  8. "This one goes to eleven". One should seize every opportunity to see this awesomeness :) I wonder if this is true for GX7 as well, which is supposedly using the same sensor.
  9. Thank you for this. I've just bought a Carl Zeiss 35mm f2.8 Flektogon in m42 mount thanks to Andy Lee. It cost me £55. If I like the lens, my plan is to buy a speed booster (not Metabone's) for it. I will have a look at the canon lens you've suggested. I have a couple of Nikon primes that I like. I will have sell two of them unfortunately. What I really meant by the super-fast remark is that I don't usually need fast lens because of the way that I use my camera. As a PhD student and being in the UK, I hardly go outside for shooting and when I do, I wait for a good weather :) On a final note about 8Z, do you use any kind of diopter or have you seen any benefit to it? BTW, I really liked the shot at 58. Did you stabilise some of the shots, the one at 33 for example. I am trying to learn how I can stabilise a handheld anamorphic footage. When I try to do that digitally, it goes weird.
  10. I am looking for a 35mm lens to be used with my Kowa 8Z on a GX7. My budget is around £150. Since I will use it mainly for anamorphic shooting, It doesn't have to be super fast. Any suggestion?
  11. I have a GX7 which I purchased from Hong Kong and it doesn't have recording limit tough I did try that only for AVCHD.
  12. Thank you Andy, I will have a look at them. One more question, what would you say about Vivitar 200mm f3.5?
  13. Andy, do you happen to have any suggestion for legacy zoom lens? I am on a budget and have been looking for a zoom lens for GX7. I came across Canon FD 35-105 f3.5. As far as I am concern it is par-focal, which is a plus. Any idea?
  14. I bought a GX7 with 20mm lens for £600 and thanks to it, I decided not to sell my Kowa 8Z. With focus peaking and smaller body form, compared to D7100, the whole setup is now way usable than I'd ever asked for.
  15. Congratulations, Andrew. I've recently purchased a GX7. How much relevant, do you think, this guide would be for GX7? BTW, this is my first panasonic camera.
  16. Actually, I have been following your posts closely and I also own a D7100. As an amateur, I have a lot to learn and in regards to the suggestion of separate topic similar to the one on Dvxuser, I thought that having a topic about how to shoot with Nikon cameras would be useful. May be we could use this thread.
  17. Whether the image is usable or not is one thing but I can say that Neat Video easily removes the noise. The image does not appear to lose any significant amount of details. @Danyyyel, have you ever considered opening a thread for Nikon shooters which could provide a platform to share all the tricks and suggestions. I would really benefit from such a thread.
  18. Andy, is there recording limit in the version that you bought from Vitaliy? Have you ever recorded an event or something. I am looking for a camera for the charity that I do sometimes volunteer. Finally, have you paid any taxes?
  19.   I couldn't agree more. Also I am glad to see that you are not an elitist about your art like some as if there is only one way to see things.
  20. Andrew, this is your forum and I think no one would expect you to provide a platform where all sort of ideas are freely spoken regardless of their qualities or values to the extent that they would be done so in a democratic country. However, adding another layer of subjectivity to the issue by saying that criticism has to make sense, you are basically saying that "this is how things are done here". Not sure if that's what you really want.
  21. Two possible reasons. One, I like black humour and tend to think that the most tragic things are the ones that have a element of laughter in it despite all the darkness. Second, I am quite happy these days so I might have approached it with a different feeling.   Hope you didn't consider this as a disrespectful attitude to your work.   May I ask you what your intention was in terms of perception that you expected it to create. 
  22. Before going bed at 8am, the last thing I did was to watch the film. I am still laughing :)   Well done.
  23. Hi  Brandon,   I really liked it.   If not mistaken, you shoot with standard picture profile with all settings dial downed. I was wondering how much sharpening do you apply to the footage. I have a D7100 and I've been trying to learn and create a workflow for myself. Any tips and workflow advice would be appreciated.
  24. Hi Julian, I don't have this camera neither do I use ML but I'd like to support the effort. Would you mind sending me the details so I can donate.   Thanks,
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