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  1. eglobaldigitalstore.co.uk used to have similar prices and they would pay the import duties; however, they changed their policies and now you have to pay the import duties. I'd bought a Nikon 5200 and Benro tripod back then. I asked Panamoz whether the GH4 is the HK version which doesn't have the recording cap and they said they are sourcing worldwide and they cannot guarantee that. I think they just don't want to reveal their secret :)
  2. Congrats Andrew. Can we also get a separate topic in which we can seek advice on what to buy instead of having to create a new topic for every and sometime same questions?
  3. :) I've bought it from a panasonic shop (I guess) in Germany with a 12 months warranty for £312+shipping. The difficult part was to find the Panasonic adapter cheaper, which luckily I found one on Ebay. It is crazy expensive in the UK. I will post about it once I've got it. Did any of you try to rig GX7 up with accessories? I need to find a cage that's compact and sturdy. Any ideas?
  4. Nice colour. Now I see why I didn't like the skin tone I got when I played with those settings. For easy grading, I use Natural -2,0,0,-2 when I record panel discussions. That way, it is almost ready to go. Also, when I use 20mm f1.7 II, grading is much more difficult for me and most of the time I don't like the skin tones I get. It is either too flat or washed out. I remember when using an AIS 50mm, I didn't really need to do much. Again, I am new to this. We'll see. When you use a profile like that, do you need to sharpen the footage in post and what does the noise reduction really do to video, especially in daylight? Yes, I bought the Panasonic/Leica 14-50mm two days ago and it should be delivered this week :) Some say that its stabilisation is much better than 12-35mm. I'll keep you updated.
  5. Your filming is a pleasure to watch. I really like the way you edit your videos.
  6. My GX7 does not have 29 minutes recording limit and in the last two days, I used it to record an academic workshop (10am-6pm) and it worked brilliantly without any hiccups or overheating. On a side note, does any of you use iResolution, iDynamic or Curves on this camera? Not sure what's the best combination of settings, if any, as I find they degrade the image quality. I would love to hear your experiences.
  7. Thank you for the feedback. I will pay attention to the points you've mentioned. I didn't plan this video actually. I was just testing the camera and the new ND filter I bought. Then this came out :) Thank you again.
  8. VLC 2.1.4. The GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M and Intel HD Graphics 4000 but I assume that the VLC uses the discrete one. I've tried again, both VLC and MPlayerX play it fine.
  9. Thank you for this. I am actually looking for an alternative to 12-35. The image stabilisation is the key here otherwise what you've said about SB and a zoom lens combo makes sense.
  10. Thank you for the review Andrew. Just curious, do you happen to test Panasonic 14-50mm F2.8-3.5 OIS on GX7? Any comment on how it performs?
  11. I would check Varavon 815FH. As far as I can see, it is the new version of the one you've chosen. There is a review here.
  12. This is a faulty logic. I am not sure how they worded this case legally but there is always an intent of discouragement embedded in rulings like this. In some legal systems, there is a limit to amount that can be demanded as damage, that is to say, for example, the compensation that one demand should not make that person "rich". Still though, the legitimacy of such cases might be questioned. The problem I see is that Vimeo assumes you guilty of copyright infringement unless you prove otherwise and I don't think this is the right approach to it. Lets not forget that Vimeo is being used mainly by professionals so lets have some faith in people. I highly doubt that these people would risk their career by being associated with copyright infringement. Secondly, the internet is a new platform for many rights, freedoms as well as responsibilities and any regulation should recognise this distinct nature of the internet in order to not alienate itself to masses. We can't take our every day legal logic and impose it to the internet. and I am saying this as a law graduate. The law needs to change. It needs to adapt. This also applies to the services and the convenience is the key here. I know for example many people who used to pirate movies but now use Netflix or other services. But why? It is not that they grew a conscience out of the blue and now have a flawless moral compass. Because it is easier, hassle free and more importantly accessible. Perhaps similar patterns can be observed in App Store or iTunes. Make it accessible and convenient.
  13. The problem with the Sigma for me is the weight. It is 800g :) I want to travel as light as possible with my GX7 and a gorilla pod. Panasonic 14-45 seems like a good option but f5.6 makes me worry. 14-50mm 2.8-3.5 is around £300-350 on Ebay and with the adapter we are looking at ~£400. Not sure about its performance but this seems to be the cheapest option in the similar focal length and f-stop. Here is an extensive review of the lens. This is from the summary section: Pros: solid and stylish casing, splendid image quality in the frame centre, independent of the aperture and the focal length values used, good image quality at the frame edge, low chromatic aberration at longer focal lengths, low distortion, negligible astigmatism, good work against bright light, efficient autofocus. Cons: too high chromatic aberration at 14 mm and at 50 mm and maximum relative aperture. Leica is renowned for the high quality of its optical products and we can confidently say that the Vario-Elmarit 14-50 mm f/2.8-3.5 Asph Mega O.I.S. doesn’t disgrace its producer. Quite the opposite in fact – for a zoom lens with a 3.6x multiplier it fares really well. There are no serious reservations about its resolution in the frame centre and the frame edge; most of optical aberrations are corrected very well or at least properly; what’s more, the lens features an effective autofocus and the stabilization which is more efficient than that of the camera’s sensor. So far I've only seen Andrew and Andy Portch over Newsshooter using this lens on m43.
  14. Do you guys know any other lens other than Panasonic 14-50mm F2.8-3.5 OIS that Andrew mentioned in his latest article which has image stabilisation and is not as expensive as the native offerings. Panasonic 12-35 f2.8 and Olympus 12-40 f2.8 look good but they are out of my budget. Still the problem is that four third to micro four third adapters are not very cheap. They are some generic adapters on Ebay but I am not sure how good they are. I don't really care about auto focus but I would like to have image stabilisation. Any suggestion?
  15. New version of Mitakon for Nex is out.
  16. 35mm is what Andrew says in this guide. As I said, I haven't tested it yet.
  17. My guess is that anamorphic shooting already gives a wider field of view and Helios 58 seems to be good match for many anamorphic lenses. I haven't used one though.
  18. @Andrew, I see you mention GX7 quite often. As an owner of that camera, I would really love to see a mini shooting guide from you.
  19. It's 35mm for M43. But I am not sure if it is the case regardless of the taking lens. I bought a Carl Zeiss 35mm for that purpose but I have yet to try it. It is being serviced now.
  20. RJ is also planning a tripod collar for the turbo lens. Not sure how strong it will be but there it is.
  21. I also really would like to see a sticky post about lenses. Andy, for example, already provides a lot of information about lenses; however, they are all over the place under different topics or discussions. It would be nice to have a sticky post on lenses, similar to the C-mount one. People who own lenses discussed in that topic can provide samples or inputs.
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