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  1. Two possible reasons. One, I like black humour and tend to think that the most tragic things are the ones that have a element of laughter in it despite all the darkness. Second, I am quite happy these days so I might have approached it with a different feeling.   Hope you didn't consider this as a disrespectful attitude to your work.   May I ask you what your intention was in terms of perception that you expected it to create. 
  2. Before going bed at 8am, the last thing I did was to watch the film. I am still laughing :)   Well done.
  3. Hi  Brandon,   I really liked it.   If not mistaken, you shoot with standard picture profile with all settings dial downed. I was wondering how much sharpening do you apply to the footage. I have a D7100 and I've been trying to learn and create a workflow for myself. Any tips and workflow advice would be appreciated.
  4. Hi Julian, I don't have this camera neither do I use ML but I'd like to support the effort. Would you mind sending me the details so I can donate.   Thanks,
  5. I don't know why but I always assumed that Cokin NDs should be very expensive since most pros use them and I would need a matte box for them. I just look at the whole kit and even the Z-Pro series costs as much as a 72mm variable ND filter that I've planned to buy. I need to check it further. Thanks Andy.
  6. There is also another one which has really good reviews: Genus Eclipse ND Fader. I believe this is their new version. I am planing to buy this one actually. But first I need to find a really good tripod.   I have the same question in my mind for my Kowa 8Z in terms of the best filter size.
  7. For me, 1080p60 was not a deal breaker but I can see that for some people it is really important. Would I like that feature? Of course I would but I guess it is not really possible to find a camera that does everything well, which forces us to compromise. For me that compromise was not really hard. One thing you might check is how the image quality of GH3 is compared to D7100? Is it something you could live by?   I also agree with the above post. There are so many other things that you might have to buy. For example, right now, I don't even have a solid tripod, ND filter or a rig/rig parts, which I have to buy if I want to shoot something serious. One might need to consider all these costs as well. Thank God, I didn't have to pay cash for my camera as I bought it by instalments.    I'll share buy impressions when I get the camera.
  8. I was on the same boat actually and I bought D7100 from the USA. I upgraded from D5100.   Given the price difference compared to the UK as well as picture quality of it, it was a clear choice for me. Otherwise I'd have chosen GH3. Right now, I have Kowa 8Z, 85mm AIS F2 and 35mm F1.8 AF-G. I will buy a manual 50mm and a wide angle lens later. In regards to why I didn't buy D5200? Well, weather sealing, metering with old nikon lenses, more robust body and more control over functions with layout buttons were among the reasons. Except weather sealing, other features you've listed were not really important for me. Why? Because, I could easily carry spare batteries or SD cards. Built-in motor is only useful if you have lenses without focus motor, which I haven't. Again, it all comes down to your personal preferences and budget.    I think feature-wise the only thing that might cause problem is the lack of focus peaking and live histogram. Right now, I don't have a budget for a monitor so I'll try to use my Galaxy S4 as a monitor and see how it performs. If I can get live histogram and focus peaking out of it, then that's frosting on the cake.    I will get the camera this sunday and I am happy to answer your questions as much as I can but bear in mind that I am not a professional. I've just started learning.
  9. The problem I've found in the film is the language. In a couple of scenes, the use of Turkish feels awkward in the sense that it gives you the impression that it is a direct translation from English.   Other than that, I really liked it. Congratulations.
  10. Thank you Andy. I've contacted the seller. I'll see what happens.
  11. I've just received my new Singer 16D, which is in excellent condition and has a very smooth focusing. However, I noticed that it has this weird shape on the rear part of the lens. Can anyone tell me what this is or whether it is something that I should be worried about? I don't have clamps and lens to test it to see if it effects the image quality. I underexposed the image on purpose so that it becomes visible. Normally, it is not easy to spot it.   I haven't given feedback on ebay yet so I'd like to make sure before doing that.   Cheers, 
  12. JBraddock

    d5200 hack

    Sorry I missed that. But as far as I know, if your lens has a chip, you can't put it on manual and override the aperture with aperture ring. I've seen a couple of videos showing that. You need a fully manual lens to do that. It could be a hardware limitation on camera side.
  13. JBraddock

    d5200 hack

    You didn't mention whether you set your lens' non-CPU data on D7100? You manually enter focal length and maximum aperture. Yet, If you still have this problem, then it is not good.
  14. Hi everyone,   I am sure this will probably be perceived as a weird post as one's simple purchase of an item can hardly be considered worthy enough to deserve its own topic. However, it's been a rather interesting month for me as I got bored of spending hours looking for cameras and lenses and by sharing my experience I wanted to get advice and critique from you. I didn't want to spend any more time as for God's sake, I have a PhD to finish and for me just like any of you time is money :)   I bought D7100 from B&H and 85mm AIS F2 ($350) in EX+ condition from Keh.com. A friend of mine will be in the USA next month so he will bring them for me. I've been looking at anamorphic lenses and God knows I wanted to buy Kowa 8Z but I don't even have a solid tripod and videography is just a hobby for me and I didn't want to turn it into more expensive one than it already is, considering other items that I will need to add to my gear list.   So i took the plunge and bought a "like new" Singer 16D, which as far as I know is the same with Sankor 16D, for £200 including shipping from the USA but excluding the tax that I will also have to pay. Not sure if it is a bargain or not but in any case I really hope I won't regret it. Because I doubt that I can spend more anytime soon. Had I owned a solid DSLR rig I might have considered one of those "gold brick" anamorphic lenses; however, I know for sure that I will travel abroad during the summer and I wanted to have something as portable as possible.   Anyway, there it is my rather unusual or perhaps unwise spending within a month. Any advice for the future or critique is welcome.   Cheers,
  15. I went to see the Hobbit with my two friends. I didn't say anything to them about the HFR or any other technical details of the movie. After the movie, I asked them what they thought. Their first words were that there was something different about the movie that made it disturbing to watch. For them and as well as for me, the movie was too much "real like". I recognise that it might require some time to get used to it but for me it wasn't really a enjoyable experience. May be it will change in time. We'll see.
  16. Thank you Julian.   I have four prime lenses in mind actually. In addition to those two mentioned above, I have eye on Nikon 50mm AI-S f1.2 or at least f1.4 as you've suggested and a wider lens (not sure which model). I think these four lenses should be more than enough for me. I also like the idea of shooting anamorphic but I doubt that I can afford one that easily. I might get an anamorphic filter at least.
  17. @cutman21, hoping you wouldn't consider this as an act of stealing your topic but I also have a similar question.    I will buy D7100 body only when it comes out unless something unusual is revealed through reviews. I've forced myself to use prime lenses to better myself at composition and I am quite happy with how it turned out. I want to add a couple of prime lenses to my collection, mainly for video.   Does it make sense to start off with Nikon AI-S 28mm f2.8 and AI-S 85mm f2, both of which have excellent reviews. The only lens I have right now is 35mm f1.8 AF-S. I know that 28mm is very much close to 35mm but I'd like to have manual lenses.  I have the budget to buy all three at the same time and was wondering if there are better alternatives. I am not a professional neither photography or videography is my day time job.   Thanks,
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