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  1. Fuji's stills is the main reason for why I've become interested in this camera and what makes me more interested is the fact that Fuji does not abondon its cameras in two months after their release. I am sure that we will see important enhancements for videographers via firmware and perhaps a new "x-videographer/filmaker" scheme.
  2. It seems that the total cost of reaching the full potential of the camera is much higher than how it initally has appeared. So we have to bear the cost of the battery grip and an external recorder, which takes the camera to ~£2000 territory, which, in my case, defeats the purpose of having a small all around camera. I am not sure how reasonable is that. I hope Fuji does something about it, as I've waited this camera for so long. Perhaps a non-log flat picture profile is still possible?
  3. I've decided to let go of my Kowa 8Z, which has not seen much use. It comes with redstand rear clamp. The lens is in perfect if not in mint condition. I am asking £450 for it, which includes first class shipping in the UK. If you are outside the UK, feel free to pm for the shipping cost. Paypal only.
  4. I have one (Kowa 8Z) for sale. PM me if you are interested.
  5. I also have a 50mm f/1.7 (MMJ), which I quite like. Have you considered the f1.4 version of this lens as I hear that it has a much better built quality than its little brother?
  6. Hi, I've decided to let go of my Kowa 8Z, which has not seen much use. It comes with redstand rear clamp. The lens is in perfect if not in mint condition. I am asking £450 for it, which includes first class shipping to the UK. If you are outside the UK, feel free to pm for the shipping cost. Paypal only.
  7. ​Then they better speed up the bloody Compressor. I want to export a project and keep working on another project in FCPX. But you can't do that because when you keep using the FCPX, it stops background tasks! I understand it is not supposed to be a transcoding app but seriously, it seems flawed this way.
  8. Could it be something related to QuickSync feature mentioned here? https://www.divergentmedia.com/blog/editreadyperformance/
  9. ​Thank you. Just one more question then Any. I hear that this lens is par focal if it is properly adjusted. Does it maintain that feature with the focal reducer?
  10. Is anyone using a Canon FD 35-105mm f3.5 on focal reducer and with the focal reducer added, do you think that m4/3 mount is strong enough to hold these two without any extra support? BTW, Canon FD 35-105mm is around 600gr.
  11. Good idea. This was my initial thought as well though my lens was almost brand new when I got it so not sure if it'd been serviced before. But I will try to test another EF mount lens to make sure that it is indeed the focal reducer that creates the problem.
  12. ​Not sure which focal reducer you have but, the RJ has an infinity focus adjustment. I also have GX7 and Contax Zeiss 50mm f/1.7 with the same problem you have. RJ sent me this picture so that I can fix it. But I just didn't have time to do it. Just be careful though; mark the current position and rotate it in small increments until you are satisfied. In my case, I can focus to infinity but I just have to dial it back a bit. This is to fix it so that when the focus in at infinity sign, it is actually focused to infinity. Hope this helps.
  13. Cool :) Do you know how much value is subject to import taxes? What's the name of the seller if you don't mind me asking?
  14. Andy, I think the difference between the RJ and Mitakon pretty much depends on lenses in question as I have seen examples suggesting otherwise. I have now adapted my Planar 50mm f1.7 MMJ with Leitax EF mount and it is rock solid with zero play and more importantly becomes a very well balanced lens on my GX7. This is a frame from a clip of a friend that I've shot during a train journey. It was handheld so the focus may not be perfect. F-stop was f4 I believe. To me, the sharpness is perfect as I don't like too sharp images. In fact, next time, I might dial down the sharpness in camera to make it slightly soft on faces. The only problem I have with the lens is that it flares so you definitely need a lens hood. In this particular clip, the flare turned out to be filmic and I quite liked it but it may not always be the case. @Inazuma, how much did you pay for the import taxes on that lens?
  15. I have a RJ lens turbo and it shifts my infinity focus a bit. I have to dial back to 10m instead of infinity sign to be able to focus on infinity. However, that adapter has focus adjustment. Look here. I haven't changed it yet as I wanted to try other lenses first.
  16. As far as I know, there are some sample variations of 28mm AIS. One example is here.
  17. I was planing to buy the f1.4 version but then ended up buying the f1.7 MM version with a late 8xxxxx serial number, which is supposedly optically improved, in a mint condition as some say that wide open it is sharper than its super fast brother. Another thing that I like about this lens is that you can use half stops on the aperture scale. You don't have to jump from f1.7 to 2.8. RJ lens turbo will arrive tomorrow. I can't wait to test it :)
  18. I have a Kowa 8Z as well as a recently purchased Planar 50mm f1.7; however, I am in the same boat with you as I haven't received the adapter yet to try that combination. I'll keep you posted.
  19. That's exactly what I thought actually. I talked to the seller and asked for a partial refund if everything is fine. However, the original adapter is too expensive in the UK so much so that even when you buy it on Amazon.com and get it shipped to the UK, it is still cheaper :). So I had to try it with a third party adapter, which failed on me. In the end, I didn't want to keep the lens any longer. The rattling was quite there in my copy but again, I am not sure how it would be when OIS is enabled.
  20. The seller (foto-mundus) is solid and an authorised panasonic seller, I believe. They did apologise for the mistake. They sell a bunch of these lenses with a 12 months warranty. The reason that I had second thought about this lens is that most of the time that I need zoom lenses is in controlled environments. Shooting a panel discussion or an interview etc. In those cases, I think, I can get away with a lens that has a similar zoom range. I intend to try my friend's Canon 24-105mm on GX7 to see how it performs. In regards to the build quality, may be I am still under the influence of the awesomeness of 50mm Contax Zeiss that I bought in mint condition at a relatively cheap price :) I can't wait to try it with RJ lens turbo that I've ordered. Joke aside, the built quality is good but I just didn't like that rattling. Walking down the street with the rattling sound that I might hear, I know myself that it would bother me.
  21. You know that I bought one and unfortunately, I had to send it back. I was going to write my experiences in the Lens topic. The seller apparently didn't check the lens properly as there was a tiny scratch on the front lens. Before sending it back, I wanted to try on my GX7 and bought a generic adapter on Amazon. However, the adapter failed to create a contact with the lens so I couldn't test the lens. In terms of build quality though, I am not particularly impressed. Not sure if I had a bad copy but the lens rattles and it is annoying. The seller told me that it is the OIS but still, I didn't like it. Other than that, it feels really good. The lens is relatively compact and not so heavy but makes GX7 front-heavy, which is expected. While zooming or focusing, the lens creates a noise that a mic can pick up.
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