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  1. Let's put it this way, Sturdycam is not about italian design! If you want a beautiful object, their products are not for you. On the other hand they are very solid and well built. Ugly but sturdy! The LX100 with it's wide-angle and OIS it's really the perfect camera for any gimbal. And of course, you choose your gimbal, choose your camera, balance everything and then you stop fiddling with it!!!
  2. Do the Sony A7 series color have something to do with the Sony A5X00 and Sony A6000?? I wouldn't be so sure...
  3. The start of the trailer really borders being too epic, it seems there will be a Lord of the Rings film... I have walked 200km of the Camino so I am very curious about your film!!! ;-DD
  4. Sony RX100, you have 4 versions to choose from. It's the only really pocketable!!! All others can go inside a pocket, but it's not the same.
  5. The only problem of the LX100, besides the "penis-factor" ;-) is that it's zoom is short (size does matter sometimes!). At Iso 1600 (which is pretty clean) and f2 you can work even the darkest shows. The OIS will help too! Of course there are much better solutions, not under 800€, everything else will be compromised too!!!
  6. 800€ for the body?? If 800€ is for everything, you could probably do well with a Panasonic LX100. It's not A7s, but open at f1.7 it's not bad at all!
  7. It's really seems made more for "oligarchs" than for photographers!
  8. There is a market, I can't understand why GoPro didn't tried it directly! GoPro are great cameras in many ways and the biggest problem is the fisheye lens. If they resolved the fisheye lens they would bring a camera to the market not only for people who jump out of planes or sky in black trails!!! ;-)
  9. Mattias if you want to be the ultimate DIY film-maker, you need to build your own film too!!! Film students should do their experiments with their phone and have everything else worked out before thinking about what to shoot on, imho!
  10. It would have been great if DJI kept doing drones (which they do pretty well) and GoPro kept doing cameras (which they do pretty well). DJI brought easiness in the drone world. Before DJI to configurate a drone you had to study and master a lot pages of configurations with a lot of variables (-100 to +100). I can't understand why GoPro haven't make a GoPro 4K Pro, with c-mount lenses, log profile and longer battery life.
  11. http://www.sturdycam.com/sturdycam/?page_id=14214 A nice alternative if you want to deal with a human being (Jacopo) which creates it!
  12. There will always be some bounce! It also depends on how you walk. DJI products tend to get cheaper, so probably the OSMO II will be the next selfie stick!!!!
  13. Compressor? Unfortunately MPEG Streamclip hasn't been updated in years!
  14. I was watching and thinking exactly as Jimmy: fisheye look!!!
  15. No, sorry if I sounded disapproval. I love to discuss "content" instead of Mac/Pc or 8/10bit discussions!!! We'd better not use YouTube counts as a measure of quality. But makes videos for near-zero audience it's not cool either! I see this type of editing as a "virtuosistic" version of normal editing. But I must confess that I have enjoyed Joe Satriani and Steve Vai quite a bit! You either like it or not, there is nothing wrong with not-liking it!!!
  16. Dear Sekhar, it depends what you define as "story". No there is no classic story. But thank god for it, we can't live forever with "a guy meets girl and fall in love" and/or "someone killed someone else, let's see who did it" kind of stories. As much as there can be non-verbal communication, there can be non-verbal audio-visual story. Watchtower of Turkey offers a glimpse of Turkey in 3.30 minutes and of course, it can't replace travelling and staying there! But for those who have never been there, I more than welcome to have seen it!
  17. http://www.fcp.co/final-cut-pro/articles/1582-watchtower-of-turkey-a-stunning-piece-of-cinematic-editing-and-sound-design-created-in-final-cut-pro-x-gets-nominated-best-of-vimeo-2014 http://blog.musicbed.com/articles/the-music-of-film-a-conversation-with-leonardo-dalessandri/20
  18. That guy is God for me! I once found an interview with him, I am in a rush, Google his name! You can't make a feature film with that edit style, but for two-three minutes epic videos, it's incredible!!!
  19. I have an rMBP with GT750M and I can work with 4K files pretty well on FCP X. Have you tried it?? It may work!!! Should it not work, you need to go the trascoding route. Apple hardware is expensive, but it is also well done and keeps value better.
  20. The only safe long-term storage would include several methods (SD, bluray, hard disk, usb stick, cloud) in several physical locations.
  21. The big problem is not that B&H treats their workers bad. A lot of people would stop buying from them and they would end up closing. The problem is that workers are treated badly nearly everywhere anyway. I would really love to know which food, clothes, computers, videocameras to buy and where to be promoting an etical treatment of all the workers involved. We really just vote with the wallet. The goal the big powers have is not to arrive at north european standards (arguably best ones), the goal is to make us all work with Chinese rules.
  22. ND filters are a necessary PITA. To have it included in the camera makes you life easier, camera makers should make our live easier!
  23. I have a top spec MacBook with the GeForce 750 1Gb and I edit LX100 4K files on it with no problem at all in FCP X. Of course, not everything is real-time and I have the viewer set to best-performance, not best quality. Color correction and some effects work realtime or enough fps. Multicam 4K I haven't tried and probably won't work smoothly! With Macs you must get the cheapest or the more expensive. Sell it with some warranty time left and you will probably loose less than 1000$!!!
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