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    Emanuel reacted to gt3rs in Canon R6 Mark II Announced   
    I used in mine on snow, rain and Africa outside on a jeep in a very sandy  environment never had any issue.
    The battery I fully agree is pita. 
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    Emanuel reacted to ntblowz in Canon R6 Mark II Announced   
    Well I very welcome of you to go ahead and get one, and tell us your experience of using it.  Maybe your experience is much more positive and warmer than me lol.
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    Emanuel reacted to ntblowz in Canon R6 Mark II Announced   
    Did a shoot with my friend today.. yeah the R5C is perm fixed to the tripod lol.
    Originally he was thinking of using R5C for mobile and C70 on tripod, but the usability of C70 is just make it much better overall.  I had the same feeling too.
    I guess spec on paper is one thing and overall user experience is another, if you use camera everyday then usability wins hands down as you will want to use the camera that in sync with you than try to fight you each time.

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    Emanuel reacted to ntblowz in Canon R6 Mark II Announced   
    I think Canon could really have to fix the R5C's usability, atm it's borderline usable but could be much better, like there is no reason not to shoot videos on still mode, or using dpaf Ii on cine mode as it is the same sensor! And only 40min on standby..
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    Emanuel reacted to ntblowz in Canon R6 Mark II Announced   
    Who would have thought R7 actually have more DR than R6 II on video mode?
    The R5 is definitely the best investment I've done so far, 4K50P runs all day without overheating after the last update, and the few cam that does hdmi + internal recording + internal monitor display on.
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    Emanuel reacted to gt3rs in Canon R6 Mark II Announced   
    R5 and R5c have exactly the same weather sealing and same rating.
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    Emanuel reacted to ntblowz in Canon R6 Mark II Announced   
    I am actually not that enthusiastic on R5C after using it 6 months later... the C70 got a lot more use nowadays, and sometimes if we are out shooting remotely R5 get picked over R5c because of battery and weather sealing against all weather and condition.  We got a tiny sand stuck on the on switch of C70 which we have to send in to fix when we did a shoot on the dune, the R5 have no problem whatsoever.

    So R5C is mostly a tripod camera with usb power adapter connect to the main for us nowadays beside acting as still cam.  My friend also use R5C as tripod camera with v mount battery while he roam around on his C70 too.
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    Emanuel reacted to filmmakereu in IBIS, OIS, DIS, motion-sensing gyro...   
    IBIS... jack of all trades but not always better than master of one.
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    Emanuel reacted to Thpriest in Panasonic S5 II (What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?)   
    So when is this actually happening?
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    Emanuel reacted to Al Dolega in Canon R6 Mark II Announced   
    It's my understanding that the S1H/R5C/FX3 fans aren't blowing into the interior of the camera bodies, directly onto the PCB: basically they blow across the outside of the rear wall of the camera body, which is mostly a heatsink, with its interior face connected to the PCB. So I don't see how they could introduce dust problems to those cameras, as the interior is still sealed (outside of the lens mount of course).
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    Emanuel reacted to herein2020 in Canon R6 Mark II Announced   
    After watching this video I am still thoroughly unconvinced that Canon has solved their overheating problem with the R6II. Yes it did better than the R6 but that's not saying much. The R6II overheated at 4K60FPS in 40min with ambient temps at only 70F. 
    For the brief time I owned the R6 (3 days), it was shutting off around the 9min mark while just shooting a few video clips, scrolling through the menus, and taking a few pictures; and that wasn't even in direct sunlight or one of the hotter days here.
    I live in one of the hottest most humid states in the USA, no way would it last 40min at 98F and 100% humidity. I have managed to get an overheat warning with a C200 and the fan set on high while filming, so heat management is probably more important to me than to people who live in a colder climate.
    The R7 on the other hand has never gone past 3bars for me even when shooting in 105F degree temps with a mixture of 4K Fine, 4K 60FPS, and some photos/menu settings thrown in.  The C70 also has never given me an overheating warning.  So at the end of the day the R6II does have better specs in every area than the R7, but for where I live and the type of work I do, I will take a crop and line skipping any day vs a camera that overheats. I think the smaller sensor of the C70 and R7 really pay off when it comes to heat management.
    Interestingly enough, I have a diehard Sony shooter friend who lives nearby and she just got the A7IV and she said it overheated in the middle of a wedding within a month of her owning it; so its definitely not just Canon with this problem. BTW, that wasn't even the hottest month here, no idea what she is going to do for next summer.
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    Emanuel got a reaction from Juank in R5 Mark II   
    Just coming from here:
    Where looks like pretty obvious why a R5C makes sense to the world, at least to me or this complex film world : )
    Let alone the whole most frustrating saga signed by Canon with the R5 introduction and their overheating plot, since those 5D Mark II days...

    The R6 Mark II has just arrived to the shelves... so, here we go again?
    Canon EOS R5 Mark II Specifications (Rumored)
    New 61MP CMOS BSI sensor
    Dual DIGIC X processor
    30 FPS electronic shutter with tracking / 12 FPS mechanical shutter
    Same 8-stop IBIS
    New High Resolution mode similar to pixel shift shooting found on Sony/Fujifilm
    2x/4x/8x digital tele-convertor
    Same Dual Pixel CMOS AF II from EOS R3 and EOS R6 Mark II
    Internal 8K 60p video recording (8K RAW video spec to be confirmed)
    Internal 4K 30p/60p/120p video recording (all by oversampling)
    FHD 240p video recording
    Focus breathing correction for video
    New overheat prevention design similar to EOS R6 Mark II, at least 40min for 8K video, and over
    60 min for 4K video
    Dual CFexpress type B card slot
    Standard HDMI port
    Dual USB-C port
    9.44M-dot EVF
    New design of vari-angle LCD monitor optimized for video shooting
    Launch time: 2023 Q2
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    Emanuel got a reaction from filmmakereu in IBIS, OIS, DIS, motion-sensing gyro...   
    They're far to be the same method to arrive to the same outcome under much variable circumstances. What's your favorite method?
    Some food for thought here:
    OIS | DIS
    2nd sample
    OIS on vs off
    vs IBIS
    2nd sample
    ..."however neither will fall people into thinking that they're a gimble move"  I believe this quote on minute 04:57 resumes the whole thing anyway...
    BTW, here's an interesting article to testify why for some reason R5C has no IBIS at all:
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    Emanuel reacted to newfoundmass in Panasonic S5 II (What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?)   
    So it seems a lot of YouTubers are in Japan right now at a Panasonic event. 
    43Rumors speculates it's related to a partnership between Panasonic and DJI, re: Lidar AF. 
    It would seem to be a significant announcement though, given I think this is the first time they've flown people to Japan for an event in years (certainly pre-pandemic.) They didn't do that for the GH6 did they? 
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    Emanuel reacted to ntblowz in Canon EOS R5C   
    This is the only test I can see that they did 8K25p and 8K50P rolling shutter, seems like same rolling shutter performance on 25p and 50p
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    Emanuel reacted to ntblowz in Canon EOS R5C   
    Yeah, 8K50/60P internally in RAW format only.  If you have PD-powerbank connect to R5C it will power the lens and AF as well.
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    Emanuel reacted to gt3rs in Canon EOS R5C   
    around 15ms same as 24-30p, 8ms 120p
    the above chart is misleading as it seems for photo not video, r3 is 9.9 in ff 24-60
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    Emanuel reacted to markr041 in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Ok, here you go - 4K 120P @1/250th shutter and ISO 2500 in very dim light (HDR😞
    Now, in these settings where there are bright lights as well as big areas that are dark, one has to expose to avoid hotspots, so darker areas will be noisier. In a more uniformly lit area, one can expose for the shadows and get less noise.
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    Emanuel got a reaction from Juank in Let's discuss B&W digital photography / cinematography...   
    Without mention this contribution brought by Fuji... some are used to say there's no other even similar B&W ; -)
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    Emanuel reacted to Grimor in Hollyland... Any experience?   
    I shoot this with Hollyland Lark 150 dual wireless mics. 
    For the money, I think is good enough. 
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    Emanuel got a reaction from SMGJohn in WTH cinematic means or doesn't mean for such customary crap?   
    Something that really pisses me off is this mania of repeating the same "solution" (?) ad nauseam when something is coming into their empty hands...
    Before it was the shallow DoF from 35mm adapters and HDSLR introduction...
    Slowmotion came later and so on.
    And on and on.
    Now it is the 10-bit banding-free skies from people who look like to have found for first time the acronym DR, the word latitude or whatever they call it cinematic. Oh well.
    Please do not repeat it or no new resource will produce anything. First definition of cinematic.
    Zoom out. Forget the story, sound design and talent of the shooter's sample. The camera. Also. Because to be cinematic is much beyond that. More than resources, the way they're managed.
    EAG :- )
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    Emanuel got a reaction from filmmakereu in Canon EOS R5C   
    Dunno, dunno... Is this actually bad?! Really?
    Well, no idea about y'all fellows, but I've had a few cases where the manufacturers don't even admit any faulty unit, just to not mention any QC issues... go figure! : P
    In a line, glad they did it : ) So I guess they've actually done it in the other way round to my book instead.
    Comes to my mind... sorta when a teen ignores the beautiful curves of the new chick on the block just to avoid how to afford the high expenses for courting her... LOL ;- )
    My next camera.
    - EAG
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    Emanuel got a reaction from filmmakereu in Canon EOS R5C   
    In fact, I praise Canon's efforts to give us this marvelous 2022 device, I'm sorry guys but I don't buy the customary negativism towards them this time ; ) Without mention the 5D series since the legendary and really re(D)volutionary Mark II and the M... let alone coupled to ML ;- )
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    Emanuel got a reaction from filmmakereu in Canon EOS R5C   
    Seems first production units have landed...
    And that eye detection AF is simply sweet:
    No idea on settings and setup but that handheld stuff looks like pretty decent to me:
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    Emanuel got a reaction from filmmakereu in Canon EOS R5C   
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