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    jbCinC_12 got a reaction from mercer in Should I buy a g7?   
    I say give it a try since you have the option of shooting in 4K and shooting 4K photo mode be it 4:3 (for anamorphic).  I snag one which was on sale in the US, I wind up getting the German version (dmc-g70), and I like it so far.  It was well worth the money.
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    jbCinC_12 got a reaction from maxotics in Canon EOS M + Focal reducer = Fullframe raw for 300$?   
    Nice shots you did there.  I too have a Canon EOS-M, and had tried the ML 2 years ago, and I couldn't for the life of me wrap my head around the process of doing the raw.  I still like the camera though, despite it's cumbersome (IMO) correcting on h.264
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    jbCinC_12 got a reaction from vaga in Resolve 12 Will Change Everything   
    I felt the same way too, even on my Dell Inspiron 660s -- now that they support OpenCL 1.2
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    jbCinC_12 reacted to agolex in Resolve 12 Will Change Everything   
    Don't know if this is relevant to you, but Resolve 12 is now running without special 3D graphics cards as stated above. 11 didn't work at all on my Lenovo with HD Graphics 4400, but it now does.
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    jbCinC_12 got a reaction from vaga in Resolve 12 Will Change Everything   
    So far, with the Beta 2, it seems to run smoothly (fingers crossed) on my end, it was slow in some parts, but I did played with editing (not fully) and grading, and a chance to render - even on Intel HD Graphics, 1GB physical memory with OpenCL 1.2, so who knows...
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    jbCinC_12 reacted to solo in SLR Magic Rangefinder converts "dual focus" anamorphic (aka Kowa) to single focus - and more   
    Now we're talking! that is an affordable price 
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    jbCinC_12 reacted to jax_rox in The Canon fight back begins - with a box   
    Eh - I mean, who really cares? There are people who own RED cameras who have no clue how to expose an image, let alone light an interesting scene. There are people who started shooting on Super 8mm, or Hi-8 video who are now making quite good movies (even Hollywood ones!)
    Whether or not someone is taken in by the marketing ploy or not - does it really matter? Sure none of the Canon cameras can really compete on a price vs spec level. But does that mean you can't get a great image out of them? I've seen 7D and 5D stuff blown up onto the big screen and intercut with Alexa footage. Does that mean my A7s couldn't give a better image than both of those cameras? Of course it can. So what? I like the way the A7s works, and I like the image I can get out of it. I love that I can use it as a B-cam for an F5, or Alexa or whatever. I prefer the ergonomics, the usability and the image to the Blackmagic pocket (and honestly, even the Blackmagic Cinema Cam). Many would think me stupid for having such an opinion ('haven't you seen the colours from the A7s?!!) and yet there are plenty professional filmmakers (even Hollywood filmmakers) using the camera day-to-day and producing beautiful images.
    Yep - the lines of cameras they are trying to push are outdated, and outspecced by any of the current DSLMs. Doesn't mean one can't get a decent image out of it - and it doesn't mean you can't tell a good story with it. Look at Tangerine. While everyone here was busy arguing over which camera had the better dynamic range, or colour rendition, a bunch of filmmakers went out and shot a film on an iPhone, told a great story and got into Sundance, and is now opening in cinemas across the world.
    And you laugh at someone who buys a 70D...
    Maybe Canon are having their Kodak moment - though Kodak never had cinema cameras to bolster their line up... Pretty much every camera company uses this kind of marketing to push their cameras. You can laugh at the fact that their cameras are overpriced, but can you blame them for trying to push their product (which may or may not be declining in sales) as much as they possibly can?
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    jbCinC_12 reacted to Inazuma in The Canon fight back begins - with a box   
    This is a poorly done satire tbh. I think you will alienate some of your readership with this as it seems too serious. But I am loving the canon bashing. Working in a big media hub in Manchester I'm continually amazed by how many people are carrying around Canon cameras (and not even a 5d3 most of the time)
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    jbCinC_12 reacted to Lukas in The Canon fight back begins - with a box   
    Holy shit get a grip of yourself! If this is truly what you are willing to say and not just some misscarriage of a message written in a short period of anger, then YOU are whats wrong with a WHOLE lot of people on this planet.
    Write all the opinion you want about products and companies and call them names and whatever, but please let other people decide on their own what to buy with THEIR money and dont call them names. How entitled do you have to feel to write shit like this!?
    I really do enjoy some quality content from you Andrew and am willing to deal with some weird attitude to a lot of stuff from you, but this really takes the cake for biggest fuckup. Please stick to informing people about stuff and giving your opinion about gear/companies/weather/whatever, but NOT on consumers that buy stuff. Its everyones own decision for gods sake.
    PS: I had a little vomit in my mouth when I read "If you buy this bundle you are not an artist and never will be, because you too do not care." Do you even read the stuff you wrote here?!
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    jbCinC_12 got a reaction from mercer in Hitfilm 3 Express is now free... Forever   
    I got mines by email as well.  It's been told it's the alternative to AE.  I tried HF2E when they offered it, and I concur with Andrew, it's really nice.
    "Also couldn't find a way to apply a LUT."
    Actually, they have starter pack, I think.
    as per their Colorist Pack:
    Give your videos the professional look they deserve with advanced grading tools and support for cinematic LUT files. Learn more…
    Color vibranceA splash of intensity for your effects, or a vivid color tint for your videos.CurvesThe colorist’s essential tool, providing fine control over brightness and contrast with an intuitive graph interface.Grading TransferInstantly take the look from one video or image and apply it another. Want to replicate the look from your favorite movie? This is how.LUTInstantly create an evocative, distinctive cinematic look. ... Hope that Helps
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    jbCinC_12 reacted to mercer in gx7...still good?   
    Like I said, I got mine in the mail the other day and I have filmed about 5 minutes of tests with it and so far I am really happy with it. My other camera is an eos-m, and I have duplicates of a Minolta MD 50mm f2, nice underrated lens btw, and I think I may do a side by side test between the two. I was always happy with the eos-m but now I am curious to see how the a5100 stacks up. 
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    jbCinC_12 reacted to mercer in nex 7 vs a6000   
    I just picked up an a5100, I bought it because of the 50mbps XAVS-C codec. I usually transcode everything to prores before bringing it into FCPX, but MPEGStreamclip doesn't handle it. Does anyone know of another program that will transcode it... EditReady?
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    jbCinC_12 reacted to maxotics in Anxious about getting a new camera   
    I would not go with the NX1 because it's too early to tell how committed Samsung is to cameras and as Oliver says, the public isn't clamoring for 4K.  Face it, if a client wants 4K they probably won't hired a "man and his dog" production company.  My wife gets mad at me when I order the HD version of movies on Amazon demand for $1 extra.  She says she can't tell the difference. Further, RAW based 1080 cameras like the BMPCC crush all 4K 8-bit cameras in color nuance and dynamic range.  Here's a video (I took quick and dirty) with some mixed cameras and you can see what the difference is.  I overexposed the a7 footage a bit, which means I'm stuck with it.  The BMPCC not only has better colors against the a7 (even if perfectly exposed) but it has, to me, a film look.  
    I would not get the 5D3 because, as hell of a camera it is, and it is, it is built as a through-the-lens camera which makes video more cumbersome than the A7, where you have an EVF and can see zebras, focus peaking, etc.  Indeed, if you're going to shoot with the glass you have I believe an EVF camera is a must.
    A bad thing for me, good thing for you, is that Sony's model updates and driving the prices down on their earlier cameras.  You should consider an a7 too because you may get one for a song.  However, the large pixel count of the a7 means it is susceptible to moire so you want to accept that trade-off.  If you like a really crisp image, then the panasonic m43rds, like FuzzyNormal says, deliver the goods.  For me, the a7 is the perfect utility camera, great stills and video, takes any lens.
    Also, I can't keep someone focused on a full-frame at wide apertures.  For video, I agree with Fuzzy that you're going to end up shooting not lower than 5.8 anyway.  The sony autofocus on the A6000, does work reasonably well at 1.8 (effective 2.8 say) however.
    Again, as Oliver implied, business isn't about getting the camera/equipment you want, it's about getting the camera the client wants (indirectly).  As for an investment for 3 years... I live one shot at a time
    Photos of event https://www.flickr.com/photos/maxotics/sets/72157654514582616  I used an A7 with 55/1.8, a6000 with 10-18, Canon 50D with Nikon 50mm
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    jbCinC_12 reacted to fuzzynormal in Anxious about getting a new camera   
    You can wait forever for the next best thing.  Buy a camera so you can do something tomorrow.  You're not going to accomplish anything looking at spec sheets.  
    Here's an example shot with the Panasonic GM1:
    Is it the best IQ available?  No.  Do the GM1's IQ limitations get in the way of me telling an effective story?  No.  Is it pretty darn good with IQ anyway?  Yes.  DOF quality?  Watch the interview shot I linked to and you tell me.  Besides, most cinematographers prefer f5.6 on s35mm, so I think this FullFrame DOF argument is overplayed, but if you feel like you need it, that's your call.  4K?  Eh, it's nice but not a deal breaker for me.  I can shoot on 1080 and be content.
    I'd also point out that M43 can take a speed-booster adapter and work as an effective s35mm cam. 
    Anyway, the thing is if you're shooting on a budget you have to make compromises...and I don't think the compromises these days are really that bad.  This cheap stuff does quite well.  My advice is to go get it and actually do some work.
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    jbCinC_12 reacted to fuzzynormal in Anxious about getting a new camera   
    FWIW, I will add this:  imaging tech is going to get so advanced and so cheap that very soon everybody, and I do mean everybody, will have awesome IQ power with them at all times -- via smartphones and enthusiast cameras.  
    So, ultimately, I don't think you're going to be able to significantly outclass competition with just the camera you buy.
    I'd argue that this moment has kind of arrived already, but great IQ will continue to get more and more democratized.  
    As this happens, what's going to matter more?  How you work with a client, how you visualize your images, how you collaborate, how you successfully envision a project and deliver it, how you tell a story ... or, what camera you choose to do the job?
    Depending on what you do, only you can answer that, but I know what I'm trying to value and nurture. 
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    jbCinC_12 reacted to dhessel in Cheap Full Frame camera?   
    My solution was a Sony A6000 with an RJ Focal Reducer which is fine since I only use manual glass. So I have a near full frame camera, 1.08 crop, 24 Mega Pixel photos with good  video and video features for just under $550. Thanks too all for the input.
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    jbCinC_12 reacted to mercer in Canon EOS M3 Review - new sensor, new video quality?   
    I have the M1 and absolutely love it... Of course I am poor so this is my main camera for the time being. I found the M1 to be a no budget filmmakers wet dream, especially if run and gun is your style. With that said, it is missing some key things that I wish it had... First and foremost... Focus peaking so I am happy to hear it is integrated into the new model but the problem is... If I upgrade, I am not going to upgrade to M3... Why would I?
    But Andrew, I would like a little clarification. When you say that it goes to auto exposure mode... Are you saying from still mode? Or is there no manual exposure in any movie mode?
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    jbCinC_12 got a reaction from skiphunt in Inspiration & Neatvideo   
    While discussing about gear and a storyline -- this comes into mind.
    Some scenes shot on an iPhone, and won an Oscar for best documentary.  Proves that you can create a compelling story and convince an audience, regardless of what tools you use.
    Just thought I share.
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