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    ntblowz reacted to Coffe in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating timers, workarounds, and Magic Lantern   
    38 minutes of 4K 120fps ūüĒ•is Luckily I don't need that on a every day basis... ūüėĀ
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    ntblowz reacted to horshack in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating timers, workarounds, and Magic Lantern   
    Thanks. It's 75C, a new high record for the R5 ūü•Ķ
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    ntblowz reacted to Coffe in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating timers, workarounds, and Magic Lantern   
    Well, well - actually I did test it with my R5. Firmware 1.1.0 - and guess what: it works like at charm.
    Let the camera overheat in the 120fps mode. Camera gets really warm. I guess I had something like 20 minutes in total (had to erase the clips from my card again and again). Anyway, after the camera overheated I opened the battery door, blocked the little latch to make the camera think it was closed. Went into the menue, forwarded the date by one full day. Confirmed. Took the battery out, waited some 15 seconds. Put the battery back in, closed the battery door. And here it was: Camera still warm after a short pause of 2 minutes (the time it took to go through the procedure) and what do I see in the display: Full recording time, no overheating sign. LOL. Canon, You've got a loophole there. Does the camera even bother to measure zhe temperature at all?!
    Say thank you to yourboylloyd on Magic Lantern Forum.
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    ntblowz reacted to visionrouge in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating timers, workarounds, and Magic Lantern   
    Ok, my trick works apparently. Tested by yourboylloyd on Magic Lantern Forum

    Record as you wish.
    When overheat occur. stop recording. Change the date.
    Drop the power (using the screw story or dumb battery)
    Put it back.
    Timer is gone!
    All camera parameters are saved. No need to open the camera, no need to lose your clip.

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    ntblowz reacted to BTM_Pix in Development Update - AFX Focus Module For PBC   
    I will post something on Monday probably that gives a hint of it in operation.
    With regard to tracking, just to clarify that the first version does have AF-C so will keep lock as a subject approaches or moves away in the focus zone.
    Obviously I think you should buy all of them ūüėȬ†
    For manual focus lenses you will need a version with the motor interface module so you will have to sit tight for that one for a while longer.
    There will be a motor version option of this one following not too far behind.
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    ntblowz reacted to kye in Youtube 4K quality is so poor you might as well shoot 1080p   
    Yes, this is a big claim.
    Allow me to explain how I came to this conclusion, and prove it to you.
    First off, the evidence.  This is a video containing 5 compositions that were each shot with either 2K, 2K (and processed in post), or 4K.
    It should be easy to tell the difference - so see if you can tell!
    Not so obvious is it....
    In the video I encourage you to download the video and pixel peep, please do.  
    I have pixel peeped the shots directly on the timeline in Resolve, in the output file I uploaded and the YouTube file I downloaded.  It took me zooming in to 200% and finding the place in the video with the finest details, to be able to see the differences, and I know which is which!
    Now, the details, to show that the test is valid.
    I shot each scene with the GH5 and 42.5mm Voigtlander (stopped down several stops) in either:
    4K 422 10-bit ALL-I 400Mbps mode 2K 422 10-bit ALL-I 200Mbps mode (with Resolves Super Scale) 2K 422 10-bit ALL-I 200Mbps mode (with no processing) I exported the timeline to an RGB Uncompressed 10-bit file (65GB - 6,500Mbps!!) and compressed that file using ffmpeg to a 4K 10-bit 422 IPB 225Mbps h265 file, which was then uploaded.  I tried uploading an 10-bit 422 ALL-I file but YT only interpreted that as 1080p.
    YouTube then compressed that 225Mbps file to the pathetic 10.42Mbps file you see if you watch the above YT video in 4K.
    As far as I can tell, there's nothing I could have done differently to get a higher quality result out of YouTube.
    But what about other platforms or delivery methods?
    This is just YT.  If you pay for Vimeo, or deliver via any other mechanism that has a higher bitrate than YT this thread should make you feel better about that!
    But 4K is useful for things like cropping in post!
    Yes, and this test doesn't apply to doing that.  I've tested how much you can upscale an image without it being visible in another thread / test (spoiler, it's something like 150%) but let's leave that aside for now.
    But YouTube supports 6K and 8K and ......
    Sure, and when people start watching YouTube with their 6K and 8K TVs then they'll start to benefit from that.  Until then, they're getting the 10Mbps file above.
    Are you saying that a 4K camera is not required?
    There are advantages to having a >1080p sensor.  Downscaled video is much nicer, and there are times when shooting in 4K or higher can have advantages.....
    So, when IS it useful to shoot in >1080p?
    Lots of times:
    Cropping (significantly) in post Overcapture for things like stabilisation If your cameras 1080p isn't that great (which is most cameras TBH) etc. I have nothing against 4K or higher resolutions except that I think most people are making their life harder than it should be thinking that they're somehow getting better results when for many people it simply doesn't matter if they shoot in 4K or not.  This was me.  I fell for the hype, and have gradually been doing tests like this to actually see for myself what is true and what matters - rather than just believing the marketing hype from the camera industry.
    Ultimately, the lesson here is that what matters is that you publish in 4K, not that you shoot in it.
    Let the questions and comments (and flame wars from resolution fanboys and fangirls) begin...
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    ntblowz reacted to BTM_Pix in Development Update - AFX Focus Module For PBC   
    Unlike contrast based AF systems, the lock speed of the AFX system remains consistent across different lighting conditions.
    The benefits of this are particularly apparent in low light or low contrast situations where contrast based systems will have to hunt to achieve lock.
    These examples compare the performance of the internal BMPCC contrast based AF with the AFX to illustrate how each system deals with different challenging (too challenging for YouTube's shitty compression by the looks of it) low light and mixed contrast scenes.
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    ntblowz reacted to BTM_Pix in Development Update - AFX Focus Module For PBC   
    I'm just on the phone with Shill-U-Like arranging the flights and accommodation for Hawaii for their top 20 influencers so I'll let you know as soon as the date is fixed.
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    ntblowz reacted to Andrew Reid in The EOSHD Interview - Kazuto Yamaki, CEO of Sigma and Takuma Wakamatsu, Sigma Fp Product Manager   
    I'd like to welcome Kazuto Yamaki, CEO of Sigma and the product manager of the Sigma Fp and Cinema lenses, Takuma Wakamatsu to the pages of EOSHD for this long interview!
    I have recently been shooting with anamorphic with my Sigma Fp - the video you can see above is shot with the Rapido Technologies FVD-16A focus module housing a tiny Bolex Moller 8/19 anamorphic. I have more on this soon, as well as how ProRes RAW performs on the Sigma Fp attached to Atomos Ninja V.
    Ever since the Sigma embarked on the high quality ART lenses the company's factory has output higher and higher quality products, even industry leading lenses in fact. Now the Sigma Fp marks their entry into filmmaking cameras too with internal 4K RAW recording, external ProRes RAW and even BRAW - as well as being the smallest interchangeable lens full frame camera available on the market.
    Read the full interview:
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    ntblowz got a reaction from chadandreo in RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW   
    Stormtrooper is limited "beta" release, the full production Komodo is coming
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    ntblowz reacted to nashi in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    In the UK there’s a main dealer S5 bundle for £2080 which includes 20-60mm lens, Sigma 45mm lens, extra battery and shooting grip. 
    Given that the kit lens is over £400 more on its own, the value of the extras in the bundle makes the S5 body price around £1100.
    This assumes that you want the two lenses, grip and battery of course. 
    But does put it at the same price level as the Canon RP. 
    How would everyone have reacted if the body only price had been this low?
    Seems to me that Panasonic really wants to kick start sales of this. 
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    ntblowz reacted to tomsemiterrific in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    Thanks for your comments on the S5. I can't wait to see and read your final assessment of the S5.
    Seeing all the reviews it strikes me the S5 is what the S1 should have been all along-----at least for video. Also, BIG NEWS: the peaking does not verschwand before my eyes. THANK YOU, Panasonic.
    From the footage I've seen from reviewers on youtube the image quality and colors---skin tones--look lovely....Panasonic may be taking the cake for best color, just love it.
    It's capabilities make, in my mind, a needed correction for the excessive number of frame rates in the S1H----plus, no fork lift is required  to shoot the S5. And it's getting RAW and Cinema 4k later this year? Is that right? 
    Besides, the new battery I understand the S5 can also use the standard GH5 battery. Is that right?
    For me, a fully manual video shooter, this is the most exciting offering of the season. It clicks all my boxes, and the few it doesn't click---well, they weren't all that critical anyway. I'm seriously considering going all in with Panasonic at this point.
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    ntblowz got a reaction from zerocool22 in RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW   
    Mostly follow the local fb group i am in, there are some good advice there as people tend to share their findings and research (and some bad ones too though, so choose wisely).  I do it as long term investment instead of playing for short term, so minor dips dont worry me much. Since bank interest is so low so and gonna be that way for a few years there is no point put money in the bank unless u buying a house or something.
    I didn't watch youtube as they are like any other youtuber...
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    ntblowz got a reaction from Trankilstef in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    Just saw we also have this promo too, this paired with 20-60mm is good enough for starter.

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    ntblowz reacted to PannySVHS in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    This camera seems to be an image quality monster like the S1H, if the 150mbit 10bit codec is as stellar or the same as on the GH5. And, Varicam image quality. A few of us are still talking about autofocus a lot when we already could assume it would not be much better. That I find missing the point of this 10bit image machine.
    This is a indie cinema filmmakers camera dream come true. A full frame GH5 with full VLog. A varicam for your backpack. I tested the high iso noise reduction of the S1 in its 709 modes and HLG 75mbit. It looks to my eye pretty much non existent on a big monitor. To users like Dennis alias deezid of course it is still there. And I am happy he has a keen eye on image quality like no other forum member. Btw, for 1999 EU you can get this cam with a Sigma 45 2.8 until September 30th in Europe. If no other caveheats showing up, perfect release, except micro hdmi.
    Wait, what has Panasonic thought, no fun with external monitors! No fun with focus pulling. Wow, at the end of my rambling I must admit, due to the micro hdmi it is not the indie cinema filmmakers dream come true. GH5 still is. But it is an image quality lovers dream come true. Darn, no full HDMI. How, excuse me, silly does that look. Would have been a perfect release with one. Really dig that tasty image quality as shown in Potato Jets review:
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    ntblowz reacted to Trankilstef in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    I should receive mine real soon (it is in transit), I will test it really soon cause I will have some run and gun shooting coming in the next weeks. I bought it purposely for these kind of situations when I want/need to go light and don't want to deal with my mattebox and if I need to be on a low profile to shoot on the streets. I have some variable circular NDS but I never liked circular VNDs always some issues and the fact to have several diameters for my lenses is problematic. My mattebox is quite light (Polarpro Basecamp Mattebox) but I want to be even lighter than this sometimes ūüėȬ†
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    ntblowz reacted to Mmmbeats in FX6 teased by Sony. Announcement coming?   
    Looking forward to comparing this to the (rumoured) Canon C70.  Really not sure which way I'll lean, but excited about both cameras.
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    ntblowz got a reaction from Geoff CB in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    From the FB group seems like there is firmware coming for S1 with improved AF and other stuff..?  So oldie is not forgotten.
    Man I hope those 1.8 are $499 or less, $1000 is definitely on the high side.
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    ntblowz reacted to Trankilstef in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    "‚Äď An update will come later this year for the S5 to give support to 5,9K 29,97p/4K DCI/3,5K Anamorphic via Atomos Ninja V recorder
    ‚Äď 2 new picture profiles: L Monochrome S and L Classic Neo
    ‚Äď V-Log and V-Gamut are included, no additional fees
    ‚Äď Panasonic will announce 7 (!) ‚Äúaffordable‚ÄĚ lenses: 24mm, 35mm, 50mm et 85mm ( available in November < 1000‚ā¨) with F1.8 aperture, a 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 zoom and a bright wide angle lens"

    I personnally think this is insane for the price point to be able to record 6K out of the Ninja V ! Perfect B-Cam to the S1H!
    The primes are all I've been expected for. Let's go Panasonic !!

    PS : what's left for Panasonic S1 buyers? An firmware update for sure !
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    ntblowz reacted to Hangs4Fun in Sony A7SIII a7s3 A7 Mark III Official Specs/Pics   
    So the official lists have been finalized on the production model that will start being sent to PRO Support in a week and other pre-release places.  Mostly for reference if you need it, but I found the movie recording option one to be well laid out with everything I needed in one chart.
    Getting excited to get mine.  Fingers crossed, but I had my paid invoice literally in the first 10 seconds on pre-order and was the first to fill out the "prioritized shipping consideration" from Sony PRO Support.  It has been a long wait for this camera release, hope it proves to be worth it.
    FULL Specifications (which is currently missing from Sony's page for the A7SIII):

    GREAT Single place for all movie recording options, depth, framerate, codec, bitrate, memory card req.:

    Breakdown all of the controls, dials, covers, holes, jacks, etc:

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    ntblowz reacted to kye in RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW   
    Just remember... ¬†the first hit is free ūüôā¬†
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    ntblowz got a reaction from TheRenaissanceMan in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    I think its better to hold what you have now and buy gear next year, no point to spend more if your earning is taking a hit. 

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    ntblowz reacted to Kisaha in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    I stopped photography activity completely since July 2019, that will hurt my next years also.
    I am rearranging my prioroties and business model I think (I am not sure I have full control right now anyway), that is why I am not 100% sold to any camera or system.
    I have to do some extra homework on adapters, as this S5 could be a good small/light solution, but my priority will probably be, to use more my EF lenses.
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    ntblowz got a reaction from Trankilstef in RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW   
    gone already, almost bought it but with current economic situation better to buy shares lol.
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