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    Thought Iā€™d found an interesting lens... But just getting over excited.
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    I will certainly include that in my review... with maybe a full comparison video as well..
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    Andrew Reid

    Fujifilm X-T30?

    Watch this and see why small cameras and rigs are important even for Sky TV https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/06/26/the-real-chernobyl-from-commission-to-transmission-in-two-weeks/ You really don't need that blasted external recorder.
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    Well, it's a Panasonic brand, so the lens might actually be made by Leica!
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    Nice images!! You win the $150 challenge! oh, hang on...
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    So you're making a documentary?
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    There are, they're just not what you'd call 'competitive' Australia has historically been subject to the 'Australia tax' which makes new goods about 40-80% more expensive due to lack of competition through wholesalers having a monopoly across a geographic area, and while this is currently diminishing, I still get a lot of "this item does not ship to your location" on Amazon, and retailers here haven't really adjusted to internet pricing. In terms of local second hand goods, shipping costs somewhat kills price competition: People here who are spending even a few thousand on luxury items like electronics, fashion, or even art, often fly to Asia to buy and then bring things home in their luggage as the total cost is less than buying locally! It's a good thing though, it somewhat curbs my bower-bird-like curiosity šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
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    I'm waiting on a couple more parts to arrive next week but I've picked one of these cheap RC transmitters up as a starting point. You can connect the receiver to the Micro and assign controls to each channel of it so a full turn of the wheel will take the focus from near to far etc. This one has 3 channels (the wheel, the trigger and a switch) so probably looking at focus, aperture and record but I'll need to modify it to remove the springs so that the wheel and trigger don't return to the central point when you let go. Its more or less the same size as those cheap LANC handles so is size appropriate and will be quite neat to have a wireless control handle.
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    I'm still not sure you can infringe a patent just by making something which attaches to something else and passes on a signal. That would rule out a lot of stuff, wouldn't it? Anyway, hopefully my Techart E-Z adapter arrives in 2-3 days, before the Nikony lawsuit does!
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    Thanks. They're just jpegs off the SL as I only used the lens for about an hour after I got it before resuming holiday mode so today has been the first chance I've had to look at what I did with it so I was just pushing them to make a LUT with for when I do some video with it. I want to use it on the Pocket4K (or my newly acquired Micro ) but I don't know whether its just me but I don't seem to be getting much joy with M mount lenses on MFT. I picked up a dirt cheap A7Rii a few days previously to use with the TechArt to have a poor man's AF high res Leica M but only got chance to have this quick go with the 7Artisans 50mm f1.1, which I love on the SL, but the jury is out with it on the Sony although, again, I'm just pushing jpegs about so need to have closer look when I get more time.
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    A couple more from the 7Artisans 28mm f1.4 that I got the other week.
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    So looking at eBay in Canada almost everything ships from the states. Most of the items take 2 weeks to ship. So in places other than the U.S. and Europe a time limit of 2 weeks does make it more challenging
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    Man that would be a VERY exciting comparison
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    I'd prefer if people use a lens they already have. Unless you don't have anything lens-related that's under $200, spending another $100 on a lens is getting away from the low cost spirit of the competition, as is adding rigs, speed boosters, etc. Rules are: Camera body under $200 US on eBay. If you are in a country that has different currency, just translate $200 to your local currency. That's your budget. If your camera is already in your possession, it has to be found for $200 or less, (or equiv. in your currency) using eBay and other online stores as a price guide. Put simply, it has to currently be in stock for that price. No finished auctions or faulty units can count. Has to be a live deal. Can be online or offline at local shop. In Europe and UK we'll have Ā£200 / 200 euro as the budget, to keep it simple... 200 across the board in those 3 currencies, and the rest are converted from $. Gorilla pod or tripod only. No other rigs, cages, shoulder mounts are allowed. I'm gonna say Speed Boosters are indeed allowed. Although not strictly in the spirit of the task, I as a judge would be more impressed if you used literally the cheapest possible lens and adapter and make them look good anyway. Yeah, I'd say a cheap speed booster for $50 you might already own is just about in the spirit of things... But I think I will allow metabones as well, as like you say, end result is pretty similar... so metabones owners aren't put at a disadvantage from the owners of cheap stuff. As for filters, use whatever... Again the end result of an ND is cheap to create, but if you only have a top of the range $200 ND lying around on a shelf, may as well use it and pretend it cost $10
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    A quick peek at one of the expansion options for the PBC. This one is a focus controller where the focus range of the lens is mapped to one full turn of the control. Obviously, ignore the electrical tape thats holding it together. The production version will be using gaffer tape.
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    I want to love this camera. Let's hope that Panasonic can pull off an AF system worthy of a 2019~2020 flagship hybrid camera. AF is currently Panasonic's Achilles heel. They are killing it on almost every other point. I don't mind IBIS... if lockable, like the Nikon's. It just a little thing, and I know it makes zero difference to the performance of the camera, but am I the only one that is happy that they ditched the 1980s LCD screen for a shiney new Oled? It looks soooo much more modern. Frankly the S1/R look very dated in comparison. Dear Panasonic, Can we see more footage? Sharp spherical lenses please. While I love anamorphic (who doesn't?), I'm sure most of us would love to see some imagery using your new L glass... and I'm sure you would love to move some of that glass also... So convince us.
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    Avid media composer 2019

    My gut feeling is that Avid is dominant at the high end for now, but in the long run (or even merely the short/medium run) is on its way out.
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    I just received my EM1 Mkii from B&H used department and immediately loaded V3 on it. I am using the Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 and the autofocus performs flawlessly. As good as Canon Dual Pixel AF IMO and more reliable than the Nikon Z6. I love the colors on the camera and I feel the size of this body is just perfect. THIS is what I wanted. The EM1X was overpriced and always having a grip made it unnecessarily bulky for a MFT camera. Going to do a review on this new setup soon. I feel the upcoming Panasonic Leica 10-25mm f1.7 paired with this camera will be my go to "YouTuber" camera for a while. I love the color science and IBIS is magical. Only thing "missing" is a good 120fps mode...which I can just get with my Z6 when I occasionally need it. So for now my current setup is this: 1DC on a tripod in my studio setup for that 4K MJPG Canon Log. EM1 Mkii for vlog style, run and gun shooting. Nikon Z6 for 120fps and run and gun shooting/ backup cam. Leica Q (which I just picked up used for a steal) pictures of my kid and everyday life/ instagram shots.
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    Mako Sports

    Smallrig 3D Rig Builder

    Really cool from smallrig you can build a rig from parts on their website in a 3D space also in real time. A good way to visual any of your future rigs or if you plan to add/build on what you already have. https://3d.smallrig.com/
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    Audio Advice For Weddings

    That would be a stupid ass wedding to attend lol. Oh I didn't get that, can we do take 2! And I can't see nothing but the boom operates butt from the third row seats. Yeah great stuff. They need horse whipped.
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    Nikon Z6 Video My Nikon Life

    Good looking stuff. I'm glad that Nikon is pushing video capabilities of their cameras
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    Andrew Reid

    NX1 Eterna Profile

    It's exactly what the NX1 needs, tones down the greens and over-sharpening. The great thing is, with the hack and Gamma DR you can stick it at ISO 800 and rarely need to go higher, you just push the exposure in post. Really cleans up the image and stops the overzealous in-camera noise reduction from muddying it up. Never shoot at ISO 6400 on the NX1, always at 800 and boost it in post!
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