ReWo GH2 cage full review

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The GH2 may be the best all-round DSLR for video at the moment and the only one with an extensive creative movie mode and no moirĂ© – but it’s construction is weak relative to a Sony F3, or RED, and even the 5D Mark II. I want to have top and side handles, rails to support large LOMO anamorphic lenses, attach a monitor and a mic.

This cage is the answer.

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New USB follow focus under development / OKii mini-review

A new USB follow focus is under development. The OKii USB follow focus made a good impression with me when I saw it at Converge on Sam Morgan Moore’s HalfInchRails rig – smoother than I thought it would be, but not perfect. Now it has a competitor. The LinkyFocus.

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DitoGear OmniSlider – Full Review

At EOSHD my thoughts are currently with the Japanese people. Please donate to the Red Cross in Japan via Google.

I’ve now had my OmniSlider for a good deal of time and it’s pretty unique. In terms of what it can do in timelapse mode, motion control, stop motion and HDR it takes some beating. This is what the OmniGear is all about and the results can be stunning.

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