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Canon C300 Mark II suffers black spot issue

March 22, 2016 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

The Canon C300 Mark II appears to have a firmware bug. This will need a fix from Canon if the C300 Mark II is to be completely bullet-proof on a shoot. Highlights burn to black in certain situations (as with car headlights or the sun).

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Alexa Mini timing suggest C300 Mk II announcement at NAB

February 26, 2015 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Due to feedback from filmmakers in favour of smaller cameras Arri has introduced the Mini – but the timing is very interesting. We are just over 1 month away from NAB in early April. The Alexa Mini is still a prototype and it isn’t due to ship until May. Clearly in the long term development process of this camera Arri aimed for NAB 2015 – so why rush out an announcement and a rough looking prototype at BVE in February? This is the clearest signal yet that new Cinema EOS cameras are coming at NAB and Arri wanted to avoid