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Sony A99 at Photokina 2012

An exploded view of the A99 at Photokina

Whilst I was able to record some footage from the Sony A99 at Photokina I didn’t really have any spare time to do much with one. The camera to me seems a little bit disappointing on the image quality front with line skipping resulting in quite heavy moire and aliasing. Not acceptable in 2012.

Johnnie (who I had the pleasure of finally meeting at Photokina) is a freelance BBC cameraman and editor based in Vienna. His comments on the new A99 are mixed (as are my feelings about the camera).

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The older Sony A900 / full frame A99 coming in 2012

Above: Sony’s previous foray into full frame, the A900

With Canon this year failing to capitalise in my view, on their huge gains in the video market following the successful 5D Mark II, I have long wondered when one of the big 3 would get it right and give us what we need – a full frame DSLR with equal emphasis on pro video and stills.

My friend Sony Alpha Rumors, a blog so often the recipient of genuine information rates this news highly because it is from multiple trusted sources and I myself have heard whispers of Sony’s approach which match, so I don’t doubt it. Professional filmmakers and videographers were involved in the planning stages of the camera for 2 years. The A99 strategy is one of convergence and not only will the camera have the best possible video image quality but Sony are building a video infrastructure around the product to support it.

These developments are incredibly significant…

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