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A guest post by director Roberto Miller.

Andrew asked me to write a brief article for EOSHD about the experience of making my feature film, Mandorla, now in post, with a pair of GH2s and LOMO anamorphic lenses. I’m happy to do so because, truth is, it’s Andrew and the EOSHD community that inspired me to go the GH2-anamorphic route, which achieved a cinematic look and vibe that I never thought possible for a low-budget indie feature.

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Get Dreamleaver by Herdwhite on iTunes

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A big thanks to Ciecio7 for donating his superb OCT19 to E-Mount lens adapter for this shoot. This is available on eBay.

We shot this with the young German movie actress Lili Zahavi (IMDB) and theatre actor Niklas Brubach. A big thanks to both of them for their performances. This is a music video for my fellow friend from Manchester “Herdwhite” whose track Dreamleaver was recorded here in Berlin.

The Sony FS100 has a nice image but it isn’t as organic as the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. To make it more organic you use organic lenses. Actually as Herdwhite would tell you it is the same with music. You can use a drum sample – but it is not as organic as a real drummer. Anamorphic gives you instant production value if used well.

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Dreamleaver cast Lili & Niklas

Above: Lily & Niklas magic hour amour, shot with OCT 19 LOMO 35mm anamorphic

The OCT19 mount is a Super 35mm cinema camera mount from Russia, essentially was their equivalent of PL mount.

Long time EOSHD readers will know I am in love with the look of OCT 18 mount lenses, but mechanically speaking they are very basic. OCT 19 lenses are improved mechanically, much more solid.

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Learn all about anamorphic shooting – the EOSHD book is now on eBay for just $19.99

The new GH2 hack is in its very early stages but has a helluva cool feature for anamorphic shooting. I thought I’d try it out.

One of Vitaliy’s initial patches puts MJPEG video into a 4:3 aspect ratio, the same as 35mm film.

I can then use a 2x anamorphic lens to convert that to lovely 2.66:1 cinemascope rather than the ‘too wide’ 3.55:1 you get from normal 16:9!

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I’ve been shooting in Berlin this winter with my LOMO anamorphic cinemascope lens. This is a Russian anamorphic used by Andrei Tarkovsky, who shot Solaris amongst many others with it on Konvas 35mm film cameras.

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