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  1. Yipee!
  2. I know the stated max load is 1200g but do you guys think it would be possible for it to handle 1500g?
  3. For me, the character of vintage lenses give footage much more feeling to them. I would use them more but I like the conveniences that modern lenses give. For example, I just got an Aputure DEC Lensregain which allows me to control aperture and focus remotely for a relatively small sum. The catch is that it only works with Canon EF lenses. So I'm looking to vintage-ize modern lenses. The softness or diffusion can easily be achieved by smudging the front element or adding a diffusion filter. But things like bokeh shape and harshness, chromatic aberrations and flares are harder to achieve. I was thinking about buying a load of UV filters and stacking them on top of one another in front of the lens. Has anyone ever attempted this or done anything else to try to achieve the effect (of basically inferior optics)?
  4. Thanks @BTM_Pix. I swear those two things didn't do anything though. Will try again when I have a chance.
  5. The list looks fake as heck.
  6. The GX80 will understandably have no difference when recorded externally since it probably outputs only 4:2:0 8bit. I dont know the specs of the LS300 but again, if its output is no better than the internal codec then you wont see a difference. Even if the internal codec is inferior, you may not see much of a difference until you film something with more extremes (more different colours, tones, movement). From what ive read previously, external recording allows 4k 60p, which you cant do internally.
  7. So I just tried the "hack" with the two G80's I recently received (from a UK seller). I couldn't get unlimited recording working on either of them sadly. Thanks for the tip about pressing the DISP button though. The video I saw didn't mention it and I was left unable to restore the original recording framerates!
  8. Well apart from those two annoyances I'm actually really impressed with the camera and the image. I can see me carrying on using this for some time!
  9. Your client probably wont see the difference if its only viewed on youtube.
  10. I've noticed that when sharpening is dialled down, the focus peaking doesn't work as well. Is there some way to record with minimal sharpening but still have more visible peaking?
  11. Hey guys Just got the G80 (well, two of them actually). When using the WiFi feature to record/monitor, the camera's screen turns off after a minute and I'm unable to bring it back on. Is there a way to stop this??
  12. One thing that I think can be attributed to the X-Trans filter array is the high iso performance. Most other sensors give a lot of colour noise at high ISO's which is ugly. The X-trans grain is for the most part, colourless. Makes the images look a lot more film-like and a lot more pleasing to the eye.
  13. I agree the Flat profile on Nikon D5500/D750 etc is amazing. Just a superb image; usable without grading. But I found that there is only a small difference between it and the Standard profile with contrast turned all the way down.