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  1. You mean lock settings?? That is assignable
  2. The 4k image is god damn superb. Some people love the retro controls, others think its a bit too fiddly.
  3. Nice. Im thinking about getting this when i get back into paid photo/video work. Do the A mount lenses have traditional manual focus systems? Are the SSM ones focus by wire? Did you lose all control of the aperture once you stripped that lever out? How is the full frame 1080p vs the aps-c?
  4. Yeh if you have the latest version, you can do it in one of the subgroups of the lumetri panel.
  5. @mercer A well made video is a well made video but Ive always felt Canon dslr 1080p was soft to the point of being distracting. To each their own though... i have a friend that swears 5d3 footage (non ML) looks sharp, especially with L lenses. I really hope the 6D ii has good 1080p.
  6. Just read your article on this topic Andrew. Its funny that there is no good 4k B cam to the C200. Even funnier that in 2017, there is also no good 1080p B cam to the C100/300.
  7. I had this same problem when i had a C100
  8. Whats the rolling shutter like in S35?
  9. So this looks awesome. Any chance of a lower specced version at $4k?
  10. Don't worry, I was shooting 16-235 Anyway dynamic range wasn't my problem. Like I said, it's a great camera with a great image. My problems with 4k were sharpening, noise reduction and rolling shutter (which most 4k cams are guilty of anyway). My problems with 1080p were aliasing/moire and sharpening. The overall reason why I'm getting rid of both cams is because I don't need them atm and I'd rather rent/buy something suited to the job at the time. The NX1 + 16-50 S would be perfect as a casual camera if I was willing to carry that size with me everywhere, but I realised that I am not.
  11. True but what the viewers watch doesn't matter when the production houses or clients request/require 1080p or 4k.
  12. Im so glad Canon didnt hold back with this camera. Only I suspect it will become outdated quite quickly (120fps 4k on the horizon?)
  13. @Andrew Reid When I received the camera it had firmware 1.2. After I upgraded it to the latest version and added the hack, the 1080p was a lot better but still full of digital artefacts like aliasing and sharpening. Same goes for the 4k. The 120fps is best in its class but still not really usable for me personally. Actually the whole camera and its image is a steal for the price! But ultimately not for me. With the artefacts, noise reduction, sharpening and colour science, it just wasn't organic enough for me. I have shot with the D5500 and D750 and their image is really nice. Clean image, great colours. As you say, the handling of the XT2 is quite fiddly but I forgive it for the superb image it gives in 4k. But with a lack of good 1080p60 (for half slow motion), I would need another camera to accommodate it. So ultimately it's not a good choice for me either. In conclusion, I think it's best for me to rent or buy something suited to the project. I don't have any video or photography projects in the works at the moment so I'm just selling everything until I do And the RX1R will serve me as a great casual cam for now.
  14. @jonpais So.. I ended up sending the Samsung back.... and I'm also planning to sell the Fuji. I think both cameras frustrate me in different ways. I realised I've been spending too much time shopping around for gear that will suit what I might use it for rather than for what I will use it for. . So I've decided to simplify my life and just picked up a Sony RX1R II as my casual camera. And then I'll buy or rent for jobs as needed. I never really considered the RX1 before but I recently realised that for my use it's almost perfect. For the record, my main video related gripes with the NX1 and XT2 are the poor 1080p modes which make me not want to shoot 60p. And the rolling shutter in 4k. Yes stabilisation is an option, but I don't think stabilisation should always be used. The problem is that the rolling shutter in these 4k cams makes handheld unstabilised footage just look like jello, instead of this nice organic feel: