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  1. Even collegehumour was using RED last time i looked at their BTS videos a few years ago. So yeah, its very likely SNL are too.
  2. Theres plenty of DP's who have gotten work through vimeo and instagram. Just listen to the wandering DP podcast where some of the newer players talk about hoe theyve established themselves. But its important to have good work to show before going wild with social media.
  3. You guys have obviously never used Autodesk Maya :P
  4. Are you actually seeing this in the recorded footage or just the back of the camera?
  5. DFD is far too limited. Its limited to Panasonic lenses only. Its limited to lenses with no optical defects so that the character of the out of focus areas are rendered the same between lenses. Its limited by the use of filters, which can greatly affect those out of focus areas; the shape of the bokeh, etc. They need to get phase detect on board.
  6. The NX1 is sharper but that should be no surprise. It's a full readout of a 28mp sensor while the XT2 does a readout of a crop of a 24mp sensor. Yes the 18-55 is softer than the Samsung 16-55 but at the apertures I was filming at (mostly around f8) the lens resolutions should be quite similar. But even if they were a bit different, it shouldn't matter since the frame is still only 4k, which is a fair amount smaller than the 6k frame they're used for in stills. This comparison was mainly to judge colours. I would not use this comparison to judge the difference in dynamic range as slight changes to settings can affect the perceived DR quite a bit. @Kisaha "1) aggressive NR in high ISO settings (but with the 2-2.8f 16-50S I can be in the same lever as other similar systems have 2.8-4f or 4f lenses)" I thought this so I tested this out. That's what you see in the last shot of the comparison. The Samsung is at f2 ISO 800 while the XT2 is at f2.8 ISO 1600. As you can see, the XT2 still looks a lot better. BTW does anyone here prefer the colours of the XT2? It seems like the NX1 is getting more love here!
  7. @Mattias Burling Yeh things like that are purely personal preference really. One of the reasons I think the Fuji is functionally slower to use is because going from an auto mode to full manual requires changing dials in three different parts of the camera. And there are some other odd things, such as the focus mode dial being on the front of the camera. @Kisaha Hah, interesting to hear about your past! Regarding the ISO test, you're right the NX1 doesnt look too bad there. But the difference is more obvious with the last shots in the XT2 vs NX1 vid. How do you feel about the colours coming from the cameras?
  8. Ever since I gave up my Nikon D5200 a few years ago for the Panasonic GX7, I've been dearly missing one lens. The 17-50mm f2.8. I tried the 12-35mm f2.8 on the Panasonic but didn't like it. Then the Samsung NX1 came out along with the 16-50mm f2-2.8. At the time, it was way above my budget. So I've since considered other systems such as the Sony but for one reason or another, they didn't fit my needs. But now, over 2 years later, I've finally been able and willing to pick one up. Luckily as well, the camera body is entirely unused. The manufacturer sealing was still in place. One of the first things I do when I get a new camera is to compare it to my other camera(s) for things like colour, dynamic range and noise. I've made many such tests before but never usually post them. This time I've taken the time to do it properly and edit it together for all to see. First up is the X-T2 vs NX1 shootout. The main point of this was to see the differences in colour and tonality. See the video description for all the fine details on settings. And next is this high iso comparison with two other cameras I currently have. Again, you can see the video description for all the setting details. Some thoughts on the differences between the X-T2 and NX1: AF-C and focus pulling with AF works much better on the older NX1 than the X-T2; in video anyway. The 16-50mm f2-2.8 is a ridiculously good lens, image wise. And the focus rings works just like a classic lens. The grip and button layout of the NX1 is far better. I've always felt the retro styling of Fujifilm were a detriment to their functionality. The downside to the NX1 is that it is far inferior to the XT2 in low light. The last shot in the shootout was shot at ISO 800 on the NX1 and 1600 on the XT2, yet the NX1 shows less detail and more muddiness due to the noise reduction. Also the NX1 is far sharper in 4k and HD but has more aliasing and moiré in the latter. Anyway, I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the difference between the images I'm yet undecided of which system to keep, even though the NX1 would finally fulfil my want.. or need of a 16-50mm f2.8.
  9. I don't have them :/
  10. @Marco Tecno Experienced? Maybe. Obsessed? Definitely :p I spend waaay too much time tinkering with settings and colour grading. @Parker You're welcome. I think it looks great straight out of the camera too, although I have created a few neutral-look LUTs to further improve things.
  11. @Juxx989 Hey! So far I think my favourite is Vivid with -1 saturation and -2 contrast, along with 0.98 Green and Blue, sharpness at -10. If I'm in need of more dynamic range I switch to Gamma DR with -5 contrast and +1 saturation. I don't think that 0.95 on green is good as it makes skin too red and also makes whites look red too. I've shot some side by side footage with my Fujifilm X-T2. Will be posting over the weekend
  12. Wow Juxx, cant believe you'd been doing it without live preview! Must have been a real pain. About Black Master Pedestal.. I have tested it and found it doesn't actually bring out shadow detail at all. It just crushes the darker end of the tonal range into a higher value. So you actually have less to work with!
  13. I predict a higher price point since its a new name. Probably similar to the old C300 when it was new or Sony FS5... $5k region.
  14. So the glitch is with 1.41 but not 1.4?
  15. @Kisaha Is it something that people have tried to do and failed or is the possibility simply unexplored? I have the 16-50 f2-2.8. Incredible lens! And im really happy the focus ring works like a normal lens. What I don't like so far is the noise reduction and the rendering of green colours. It really struggles with capturing the subtle different colours and shades of foliage. If there is some way to improve this, please let me know