Sony FS7 Review – Shooting 150fps in the dead of night

Ferrari have a DNA. Cinema cameras have a DNA. You have to go back decades to see it evolve into the force it is today. For Ferrari it is the very specific engine sound and the looks. Arri are that spirit to cinema cameras. The DNA of the Sony FS7 is a compromise. Half EX1 and half cinema camera, the ergonomics of the buttons, dials and menus need a complete overhaul in my opinion. So Sony haven’t got it all right yet but what they have done is put a Ferrari engine inside. The FS7 for £5199+VAT is an absolute bargain, with an ‘engine’ almost on par with a £18,000 F55 (though without global shutter). It’s a much more capable camera than the Canon C300 or Panasonic GH4.

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Sony FS7 versus the Canon C300 (and their own cameras too?)

Sony FS7 body only

The Sony F55, F5 and FS700 now have a fierce competitor for less money, and it’s not a Canon, nor is it a Red or a Panasonic. It’s one of their own, the Sony FS7. Yet this cannibalisation may be worth it because the potential market for the FS7 is enormous. It’s the fiercest arrow yet fired at Canon’s most popular interchangeable lens video camera for pros, the Cinema EOS C300.

With a design clearly C300 inspired and the new mount facilitating the use of Canon lenses, is the Sony FS7 going to cause a mass migration of pro video birds south to Sony dealers?

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This is the Sony FS7

The Sony FS7 is Sony’s next e-mount Super 35mm camera, shooting 4K XAVC. Thanks to the E-mount you can use Canon EF lenses on it and the Metabones Speed Booster for when a full frame look is required. It has a 180fps slow mo mode, with an ergonomic design much improved and closer to the Canon C300, with top handle, top mounted LCD and built in ND filter. It really looks like Sony are going after the C300 market with this and it’s arguably going to be a much more capable tool. I’m impressed!! The camera will be announced today (Friday) …

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Some thoughts on the possible “Sony FS700 Mark II”

Sony FS700 Mk II

The image leaked by a Chinese site ( shows what looks like a 4K XAVC recording FS700 successor. Via RedShark News

Leaked blurry smartphone images are all over the web yet again!

This could be the FS700 successor, although in reality we don’t know anything beyond that it records 4K to an internal XAVC codec and appears to use E-mount lenses, the leak offers some tantalising prospects…

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