4K for £4K and why you probably shouldn’t get a JVC HMQ10

The Alexa Studio only shoots 2K and HD but apparently the consumer world has decided it is rubbish and we should all rush out and buy 4K cameras and displays.

Hence the semi-pro JVC HMQ10 which goes on sale in March is the first 4K camera to break under the $5K mark or £4K. I’ve been keeping an eye on what JVC are doing with their quick Falconbird processor lately but it seems their strategy is a complete mess to me.

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Choosing an SSD for your MacBook Pro

Get the Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD upgrade kit brand new on eBay for $529

Like FCPX Apple shipped their 2011 MacBook Pro models somewhat under-specced for video editing. Despite having a quad core model I was still getting pretty shoddy performance in Premiere Pro CS5.5 with Apple’s default configuration of 4GB of RAM and a 750GB 5400RPM hard drive on occasions.

Although the processor is an absolute beast, it isn’t coupled to the RAM and disk it really deserves. Apple did this for supply reasons as well as cost so they have a good excuse, but it still sucks.

Here’s the solution.

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