SLR Magic Rangefinder converts “dual focus” anamorphic (aka Kowa) to single focus – and solves lens breathing

SLR Magic Rangefinder with Kowa 8Z Anamorphic

I have just received my SLR Magic Rangefinder which is a groundbreaking concept. It transfers focus away from the main lens focus ring onto a dedicated buttery smooth geared 240 degree cinema lens focus ring and attached to the main lens like a screw on filter.

With the main lens set to infinity, focus is done purely through the SLR Magic Rangefinder.

This means that the awkward to focus Kowa 2x anamorphic lenses are now as usable as an Iscorama.

It means Nikon glass can finally focus the ‘right’ way!

It also gives closer focussing abilities for lenses that have a long minimum focus distance (like the 2m of an Iscorama anamorphic) and prevents the focus breathing inherit in all non-cinema photographic lenses.

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Electronic follow focus revitalises dual-focus anamorphic lenses

Discussion of the prototypes on the EOSHD Anamorphic Forum

Many anamorphic lenses especially the affordable ones require the prime lens to be set to the same mark as the anamorphic on the focus barrel, making a focus rack during a shot impossible by hand and shot setup awkward.

Now an ingenious electronic follow focus by Markus Houy has been created making our dual-focus anamorphic glass single focus like high end Iscoramas or LOMOs.

EOSHD interviews Markus and finds out more about his plans for the device.

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Kowa anamorphic lens review

If you’d only go on eBay’s prices you’d assume the Iscorama anamorphic lenses had God-like properties. Maybe they’d part water with their patented easy focus mechanism. Could they heal a leaper with their flare? Possibly the hallowed Iscorama is able to bless you with a cinematic image.

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Cinerama Part I – Going 3:1 anamorphic with the Isco CentaVision

A few months ago on EOSHD I did a series of articles on the Panasonic LA7200 anamorphic lens. Since then it’s strangely disappeared from eBay. Who snapped them all up? Was it you? There must be a lot of people out there without one too!

It’s a great lens, gives footage bags of cinematic feel, and I absolutely love it.

Yet still, the LA7200 cannot quite compete with the expensive Iscorama in situations where you want a moderately telephoto shot, shallow depth of field, or ultimate low light performance. With the LA7200 you are limited to around F4, but with the Iscorama you can get down to F1.4 and still have a sharp image, with plenty of depth of field. You can also put an Iscorama on the end of a 85mm lens and it will perform great with both the GH1 and 5D Mark II. The LA7200 is limited to beautiful wide shots on the GH1 – it doesn’t do 85mm especially not on the 5D Mark II.

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