Interview with Yoshiyuki Inoue, Senior Engineering Planner for the Panasonic GH3

Panasonic GH3 - Yoshiyuki Inoue interview

Above: Inoue helped conceive the GH3 and was a mechanical designer on the well regarded Panasonic L1 (inset)

For my hands on test of the Panasonic GH3 pre-production model read this!

Yoshiyuki Inoue is the senior engineering planner at Panasonic. A mechanical designer on the Panasonic L1 back in the Four Thirds days, that camera is now fondly rememberd for a beautiful optical viewfinder, Leica M style build and cutting edge design. Inoue also worked at Minolta before joining Team Lumix.

I caught up with Inoue yesterday at Photokina to ask him about the design and technical workings of the new Panasonic GH3 at Photokina in Germany.

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New Panasonic lens adapter in development

Every wondered how the Sony Alpha series delivers a live view image from a very small sensor in the viewfinder housing without cropping, mimicking the field of view of the main CMOS, while enabling super fast phase detect AF at the same time? (Deep breath). Well, it seems Panasonic did wonder this, and plan to bring such innovations to a range of lenses previously not fully compatible with mirror-less bodies.

The adapter features electronics, a mirror system and phase detect AF chip. This allows auto-focus as well as full frame focal lengths with standard DSLR lenses on the Lumix G range.

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Put your AG-AF100 questions to Panasonic

(In the pic above, the 14-140mm lens seems to have some kind of adapter on the front of it – what is it?)

Here are some to start it off. I’ll be seeking to ask Panasonic and to get some answers!

The first interchangeable lens Micro 4/3rds camcorder is due to be released later this year and of course this is great news – so good to see Panasonic making intelligent use of their investment in the existing Micro 4/3rds technology.

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