Canon EOS M50 – an accidental 4K Digital Bolex

It’s 2018 and a good video feature arrives on a Canon! I immediately assume it’s an accident, so taunt is the leash Canon has on video specs. Indeed, what makes the M50 appealing to me is the happy accident of what crop factor you get when you cut an 8 megapixel window out of a 24 megapixel sensor. All the best things are happy accidents when it comes to Canon, who gave us DSLR video by accident, then later RAW video on a 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern by accident, then with the M50’s ridiculous crop – a Super 16mm camera!

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Canon EOS-M mirrorless unveiled – Return of the EF-M system

Canon last had an EF-M camera and lenses in 1991 (inset, LCD screen pic)

The Canon EOS M mirrorless camera with new EF-M mount and lenses is due to be officially announced on Monday. The EOS M seems to be closest to the Sony NEX C3. The lack of physical controls hint that it is too basic to compete with the NEX 5N or NEX 7.

Because it is designed to work with Canon’s new STM AF lenses which use phase detect AF on the sensor I am 100% certain the EOS M will have the same 18MP APS-C CMOS as the T4i / 650D. Using the G1X sensor would make it incompatible with the very EOS-M lenses it is pictured with at launch. The 18-55mm EF-M STM and 22mm F2 EF-M STM.

Will the new mount be the basis of a C100 affordable digital cinema camera, following the strategy of Panasonic and Sony?

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