For a Minute Then I Lost Myself – GH1 Short

[vimeo]11349060[/vimeo] Full screen it here – On location in – Hong Kong Music by – Radiohead, Karma Police Equipment – Panasonic GH1, anamorphic LA7200 adapter + 10-22mm EF Canon, Super Comat F1.9 c-mount, kit lens (14-140mm), Zeiss 85MM F1.4, Canon 35mm F2 SSC FD Check out the Wiki on Radiohead’s song for a good read. This is one of my favourite songs of all time. Look… I’d like nothing better than to go to a beautiful old-world place, clear my head of all other thoughts, and write, photograph or plot something – I’d love to sit on a beach …

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What makes a good HDSLR film?

(Above: Bella regrets buying a 7D so close to the launch of the 550D) People have many varied opinions on the HDSLR revolution, some criticise the hype. The most regular line is that a good camera by itself doesn’t make a good film and that ‘content is king’. That’s easy to say. But I don’t think it’s that black and white.

Exclusive Interview with Kevin Shahinian of Pacific Pictures, City of Lakes today interviewed award winning film-maker Kevin Shahinian of Pacific Pictures whose monumental effort on reality / fiction hybrid City of Lakes is turning heads in the film industry. Steve Weiss of Zacuto has been championing Kevin and for good reason – his use of HDSLRs, in particular the Canon 5D Mk II and 7D have taken the technology to new heights as you can see in the trailer for City of Lakes.

High quality 2:35, Iscorama the only option? Think again…

16:9 is very 2009. recently came across a video (at the bottom of this page), which shows a Panasonic LA7200 anamorphic conversion lens on a Canon A1 camcorder. This is shot in 16:9 but converted to Cinemascope style 2:35 with the anamorphic lens. As you can see when you watch it, the shots look great and it looks sharp like Iscorama footage.