Cinema EOS Featured Artist – Trey Vollmer


My name is Trey Vollmer and I’ve been pursuing filmmaking for three years now – I could not love it more! I also work as a full-time personal trainer here in Jacksonville, Florida. Believe it or not I have found that flexibility, strength and endurance play a key role in operating a camera. If I need a high angle I will get on top of a roof or climb a tree!

The truth is I am constantly being pulled back and forth between these two crafts – exhausting. The weekends certainly help as I’m free to spend time with close friends.

EOSHD: What is the idea behind Evolucion?

The idea of Evolucion stemmed from the theory of evolution, more specifically the notion that man has evolved from apes. Every person is entitled to their own beliefs… but I wanted to challenge the theory by taking it one step further and imply that maybe we came from stuffed apes. I don’t know your personal beliefs and I hope you are not offended by this, but I’ve noticed that your own work has drawn some controversy as well.

EOSHD: Do you mean my article about

TV: [You are] seemingly more in the political realm based off what I’ve seen. I think it’s cool that you shoot with your mind and not just your eye.

EOSHD: Thank you. I find some of the stuff on Vimeo a bit too safe. Why did you choose the Panasonic GH1 over a Canon DSLR?

TV: I was favoring the T2i for quite sometime, but I always struggled with the idea of not having a flip out LCD screen. I very much enjoy low angle as well as overhead shots, so I need a screen that will compliment those camera angles. But once I found out about the Tester 13 firmware upgrade the T2i was not even on my radar.

EOSHD: The tracking shots in Evolucion are fantastic – was it a DIY dolly rig? (Do you have any photos?).

TV: Thank you, and yes I used a DIY dolly that my good friend Steve Tamburrino built for me. Steve also did the spanish voice over and the puppeteering on Evolucion! Here are a few pictures of the DIY dolly.

EOSHD: It seems you have come up with the magic recipe – the LA7200 works very well on the 50mm Nikon F1.8 – what version of the lens is it, new or old?

TV: I only used the LA 7200 on the kit lens [14-140mm F4]. Here are some anamorphic shots from Evolucion…

EOSHD: Are you happy with the way it looks with shallow depth of field shots?

TV: I would say I’m content at the moment. Sometimes it looks kind of funky with the iris wide open (too soft and less than favorable bokeh), but I’m exploring different F stops now.


EOSHD: Did you consider the Iscorama anamorphic lens?

TV: I did, but I couldn’t come to terms with the price. As it was I had to duke it out on ebay with another bidder before winning the LA 7200 – I literally watched the clock tick down to the last second.

EOSHD: Have you tried the LA7200 with any other lenses or cameras?

TV: No, sir. But I’m very interested and EOSHD has recently become one of my favorite websites. I like it because you do a good job offering creative and perhaps less typical lens solutions for your readers. Your site was the reason I got the LA 7200 in the first place. Keep it up!

EOSHD: Thanks mate! I see something in your shots… talent!!

Shot with the GH1 and Nikon 50mm F1.8: