Try this when shooting S-LOG 3 on Sony cameras

One of the most common problems with S-LOG 3 is that it’s very counter-intuitive to expose it! Harv Video/Audio Stuff on YouTube says he is getting far better results with far less noise in the shadows with his technique, shown in the video above.

I highly recommend trying it yourself.

S-LOG 3 has always been difficult to work with and can produce a ton of noise and banding.

I’ve always avoided using it myself, unless I am really in need of massive dynamic range. It’s such a flat image, and with an 8bit codec it is going to reduce the number of individual tones over less contrasty areas of the image like the sky. Especially if the sky is permanently grey like it is in the UK.

Down in Bristol, Harv says he has had far better luck with S-LOG 3 by exposing the shadows at 40% to 50% on the histogram.

This is extremely high, but it leaves a lot of room either side for extended dynamic range. If you expose S-LOG 3 where you think the shadows should be on a normal picture profile – down towards the far left of the histogram, you’re essentially capturing junk. That region is very noisy in S-LOG.

So give the video above a watch and then test for yourself on your A7S II or more recent cameras such as the A7R III and A7 III.

If that doesn’t work, be sure to give EOSHD Pro LOG a try, which is far easier to shoot with and use!