EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony Cameras (a7S II, a7R II, a6300 and more)

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EOSHD Pro LOG is a new flat film gamma profile which brings EOSHD Pro Color optimisations to LOG format footage.

It is compatible with a range of LUTs in post production, in addition there are 25 EOSHD Film Looks (LUTs) included, designed especially for Pro LOG.

Also included is an optimised S-LOG 2 profile and further LUTs designed exclusively by EOSHD for all S-LOG 2 footage!

A flat film gamma profile, Pro LOG is easier to grade than S-LOG and works at low ISO sensitive such as ISO 200, without the upper-minimum ISO limitations of S-LOG (which can sometimes be as high as ISO 3200).

Footage shot with EOSHD Pro LOG can be pushed and pulled in post, with meaningful exposure changes and white balance adjustments. You can also match colour from a Canon camera (Canon Faithful) using a special LUT included with the download.

There are two film gamma profiles included with EOSHD Pro LOG. “Pro LOG Cinema” and “Pro LOG S”. The “Cinema” profile has a similar gamma curve to C-LOG. It uses a colour gamut that doesn’t need to be expertly graded and yet it’s compatible with a range of LUTs including ones designed to be used with Canon LOG.

The second profile is an optimised version of S-LOG 2 with a different colour science, incorporating some of the benefits of EOSHD Pro Color with the benefits of S-LOG 2’s extremely wide dynamic range.

Advantages of Pro LOG Cinema

  • Works at any ISO sensitivity (for example ISO 200)
  • Easier to grade than S-LOG2
  • Similar curve to C-LOG and compatible with LUTs designed for Canon LOG
  • Enables use of exclusive EOSHD Film Looks only available with Pro LOG
  • Includes advantages of EOSHD Pro Colour, such as reduced colour clipping (i.e. prevents blue highlights turning turquoise of green), deeper and truer reds and better skin-tones
  • Significantly decreased banding compared to S-LOG3

Advantages of Pro LOG S

  • Maximum dynamic range
  • A more forgiving colour gamut than Sony’s default S-LOG profiles
  • Based on SLOG-2 gamma, therefore works with any LUT designed for S-LOG2
  • Enables use of EOSHD Film Looks for S-LOG 2 supplied with this guide
  • Includes advantages of EOSHD Pro Colour, but the final colour depends heavily on the LUT used in post.

EOSHD Film Looks

Pro LOG includes 25 LUT files for you to use in your edit or in your colour grading software, along with full instructions.

These film looks are developed exclusively by EOSHD and work with Pro LOG Cinema, Pro LOG S and S-LOG 2 footage.

These provide a wealth of options to suit a broad range of footage and exposures, including:

  • Cinema 78 / 98 / 2016 – inspired by the colour grading fashion of each decade from film to high-end digital cinema
  • Faithful – designed to match Sony cameras with Canon in terms of contrast and colour
  • NightShoot – designed for low light shooting with creamy shadows and clean high ISOs
  • Highlight Priority – optimise shots with bright highlights against a dark background
  • Match Pro Color – to match footage shot with EOSHD Pro Color straight-out-of-camera
  • Chrome – a classic cinematic look, similar to EOSHD Chrome for Canon LOG
  • Scarlett – a Fuji velvia style film profile for extra punch and warm, vivid colours
  • Teal/Orange – maintains cool tones and warm tones in one shot, superb in mixed lighting conditions
  • WideDR – maximises dynamic range for scenes that need it!
  • Plus 16 more!
EOSHD Film LUT example

Sony A7S II S-LOG2 menu

Camera Compatibility

Pro LOG is designed to work with the following models:

  • Sony A7S II
  • Sony A7R II
  • Sony A99 II
  • Sony A7S
  • Sony A7 II
  • Sony A6300 / A6500
  • Sony FS5
  • Sony RX100 IV / V
  • Sony RX10 II / III / IV

Sony cameras which lack advanced picture profile capabilities are not compatible (such as the RX100 M1 to M3, A9, old A7R, A6000 and RX10 M1).

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