TrueSense Imaging (ex-Kodak) reveal 4K Micro Four Thirds sized CMOS sensor

TrueSense sensors

TrueSense Imaging’s sensors are behind the Ikonoskop and Digital Bolex cameras. Traditionally known for their CCDs, the company is now stepping into CMOS for the first time.

Their first CMOS will be 18.8mm x 14.1mm in size for a 4/3″ optical format, the same as Micro Four Thirds.

The sensor features a global shutter for stills and a rolling shutter for video.

It shoots 10bit 4K video at up to 120fps.

Dynamic range is 72 db (11 stops) in rolling shutter mode but this drops to just 55 db in global shutter mode.

Resolution is 4000 x 3000 using the full sensor area. This can be windowed for a standard 4K resolution such as 3840 x 2160.

Along with the new CMOS, two new CCD sensors have also been announced. These by default have a global shutter but none of the trade-off a CMOS has to make in terms of reduced dynamic range.


ABOVE: A TrueSense CCD in-action with the Digital Bolex pre-release camera, footage by Michael Plescia. Read more on the Digital Bolex blog

The 2K CCD is again Micro Four Thirds sized and can shoot 2048 x 2048 at up to 28fps.

This chip has pretty large pixels at 7.4µm similar to the Nikon D4 full frame sensor at 7.3µm.

Dynamic range is also very impressive at 82db, at least 13 stops.

The other CCD is smaller at 1″ (think Nikon 1 or Super 16mm) with a 3x crop factor rather than the 2x crop of 4/3, but it has a unique advantage for a CCD. It’s fast.

The 1″ CCD does 1080/60p from a 16:9 imaging area, and has the same 82db / 13 stop dynamic range of the larger CCD.

All the new sensors by TrueSense appear to take a unique position on the rather crowded sensor market and I’d love to see them utilised in affordable cinema cameras.

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Source: ImageSensorsWorld