Smartphone hack enables extra features on Panasonic cameras

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Smartphones that communicate via Wifi with Panasonic cameras such as the GX80, GH4, GH5 and G7 can be used to trick the cameras into enabling features otherwise locked or hidden, such as extra picture profiles and higher bitrates.

When the camera connects to a smartphone wirelessly, commands can be sent to the camera from a CGI script running in the web browser of the phone. You do not need an app.

On the EOSHD Forum, BTM_Pix explains the process…

Step 1 is to turn on the wifi function on the camera

Step 2 is to connect your smartphone to the camera in the wifi settings of iOS or Android

Step 3 is to load an HTML file into the phone’s browser which issues commands via a query-string to a CGI script

Step 4 is to select Handshake to confirm the connection and hit Connect, then the camera will say “Under remote control”

Subsequent steps depend on what commands you issue to the camera.

The most successful command so far has been to enable CineLike D on the GX85.

Camera command instructions are simply typed into the URL bar of the web browser on the phone, such as:

Apparently the old G7 returns a reference to “V-LOG-L” when asked to spill the beans… It can be coaxed into returning a list of commands.

However so far, further research is needed on whether it is indeed possible to enable V-LOG and higher bitrates on the older cameras.

The great thing about CineLikeD on the GX85 is it gives you a nice little dynamic range bump on a camera that is already the best value for money 4K camera in Panasonic’s range, with 5 axis stabilisation.

It’s a great time to buy a Panasonic GX85 and a great time to keep an eye on how the hack progresses on the forum thread here.