An adventure into the Panasonic GX85/80 begins – and a look at the Leica Nocticron for Micro Four Thirds


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The camera which Panasonic can’t decide what to call (GX80 in Europe, GX85 in the US and GX7 Mark II in Japan!) really excites me.

It’s the first time that anyone has put 5 axis in-body stabilisation in a 4K camera which exceeds the performance of the stunningly good Olympus 5 axis system.

It’s not quite as effective as a gimbal for sweeping handheld movement, but that pain-in-the-ass tripod you can certainly dispense with now, along with that Olympus 1080p mush whilst we’re at it.

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Revealed: 5 axis IBIS is as powerful on the 4K Panasonic GX80 as the Olympus E-M5 II

Panasonic GX80  / GX85

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“Creeeek” What was that sound? Was that the sound of the coffin lid closing on Olympus’s hope of ever getting any more video users?

For a long time Olympus have had the best video stabilisation on the market but failed to capitalise on it! The system was far more powerful than any OIS lens, smoother and more effective than any other camera for handheld shooting without a gimbal. An absolute pleasure to use. Goodbye tripod.

Sony haven’t been able to compete with their in-body stabilisation which has to carry a much larger, heavier sensor, and last year’s Panasonic’s system on the GX8 was a disappointment.

Now the GX80 / GX85 has us enthralled – finally that beautiful Olympus performance 5 axis stabilisation, but with 4K image quality.

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