Panavision announce new Electronic ND Filter, powered by built-in battery

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Not since the Sony FS5 have my pants been so on fire for an ND filter.

The Panavision LCND uses a similar concept, in a stand-alone single-tray drop-in filter designed for cinema use.

The filter has a control dial on the side, and a remote control port (for the monster of a wireless remote shown below). A battery inside the control unit powers the ND filter which has no moving parts. Instead the glass darkens when a voltage is applied.

The Panavision LCND provides a nice 6 stops of exposure control.

There’s no pricing or availability information on the video. It may even be rental only as this is Panavision we’re talking about.

Some-day I hope this technology will be behind the mount of a mirrorless camera.

Actually – I am really surprised a similar concept hasn’t already come to the market for affordable prices. Whether or not Sony holds the license for the technology and is jealously guarding it, I don’t know… But a similar technology is already in car windows!

Please can we have a Chinese version of this Panavision filter, in 72mm filter thread form, powered via a USB C or a small built in battery? Only a small amount of voltage needs to be applied to the special glass for it to work its magic.

The Sony FS5 should be ripped apart, put on a Chinese workbench and nobody leave the room until they figure out how it works!!

Expect more details at CineGear in a few days. More pictures below.

Thanks to Seb Farges for spotting this.

Comment on this news at the EOSHD Forum