Panasonic jumping into the world of 4K at NAB 2012?

Panasonic AVC Ultra

Kunihiko Miyagi, Director of Pro Video at Panasonic in the factory in Kadoma, Osaka has given a glimpse of what Panasonic have in store for NAB later this week. To quote verbatim from his blog:

  • A new visual world created by the new AVC Ultra platform
  • Panasonic jumping in to the world of ________
  • Further evolution in P2 cards!
  • What the next generation of cameras will look like

Here is everything Panasonic will take to NAB, boxed up and ready to fly from Japan.

Panasonic NAB 2012 boxes

Here is a candid snap from inside Panasonic’s Pro Video planning office…

Panasonic pro video meeting

Sensitive areas have been blurred.

Panasonic 4K

Panasonic 4K

Here’s what I think Panasonic is up to

I’m expecting 3 AVC-Ultra cameras at NAB 2012 from the pro division and 1 from the consumer division.

The AVC-Ultra cameras may consist of a AF100 replacement (circa $6k point) and is likely to be 1080p. Then I’m expecting two higher end offerings with 4K and 12bit 4-4-4 intra frame codecs between $10,000 and $16,000 to compete with the Sony offerings.

From the consumer division won’t come the GH3 – that isn’t due until Photokina in September. But 43rumors are saying that a Micro Four Thirds camcorder is coming tomorrow. This could be a supercharged GH2 optimised purely for video, like the Sony NEX VG20 at around $1.5-$2k which would be VERY exciting if Panasonic’s performance with the $600 GH2 is anything to go by.

This is the best case scenario I’ve outlined for all the new products. Let’s see what actually happens come the end of this week.

Source: Panasonic Pro Video blog