Panasonic GH5S and G9 firmware updates – A summary of the new features coming on June 9th

Here’s a list of the new functionality coming in June for the Panasonic GH5S and G9.

GH5S Firmware Version 2.0


  • ProRes RAW over HDMI to Atomos Ninja V
  • HDMI RAW can be output DCI 4K and 3.7K anamorphic, in 12bit at frame rates of up to 59.94p
  • Atomos Ninja V firmware 10.66 required

Improved AF

  • 2x faster processing for eyes and faces, 5x faster recognition for humans and animals
  • Head recognition in AF mode including continuous head AF tracking
  • Human / animal recognition can be set ON or OFF when AF mode is 1-area

Further added functions

  • Red REC frame outline indicator feature added (as per GH5 II)
  • Vertical video recording and playback, with automatic orientation detection
  • Updated Video Guide Line feature
  • Power Save Mode selectable when powered via AC adapter

G9 Firmware 2.4

  • All of above but not HDMI RAW