Harv’s review of EOSHD Pro Color V3 and a handy exposure guide

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The British do not do YouTube like Jake Paul. There’s no “whaaaaats-up bros!?” as an introduction. Believe me, this is a good thing.

So if you’re looking for some informative camera reviews, tricks and tips that don’t involve a lot of shouting and padding out one sentence of information to a 5 minute segment of glossy box shots, you’re in luck. Head over to Harv’s channel and take a look.

Harv has been a user of my colour profiles for Sony cameras for a while and has now reviewed the latest version, which introduces two new colour profiles, simplified white balance tips and a fix for the common 0-255 clipping bug in video editing software which causes a gamma shift and crushed blacks / lost highlight detail.

James and I are also doing a giveaway of 10 free copies – all you have to do is subscribe to his channel and comment on the video above, he will then pick the 10 winners from there and you will receive the Pro Color download for free! (Obviously, you will need a Sony camera to use it and that is not free!)

Meanwhile I am working on a special edition of Pro Color for the Sony A7R III and forthcoming A7S III, which will take advantage of the latest Sony colour science as well as Rec.2020 colour. This will be released next week.

Pro Color is designed for a straight out of camera recording with no grading or LUT required to get Canon-like skintones and colour. The default straight out of camera Sony colour profiles have a yellow bias to skintones and all sorts of issues especially on the A7S and A7S II.

However I owe Sony a huge thank you for giving us such advanced tools in the camera for making our own colour profiles. I wish more manufacturers would allow us to go so deep into the colour matrix and image processing, even tweaking things like luminance for each RGB channel, which is part of how EOSHD Pro Color is able to make such a big transformation when you apply it in the Picture Profiles menu.

The other thing Sony deserve credit for is allowing wide colour gamuts to be used with contrasty gamma curves, even though they are designed for LOG. This is how EOSHD Pro Color is able to override the narrow Rec.709 colour space of the camera’s default picture profile settings, which gives all sorts of nasty colour channel clipping which you may have noticed when shooting brightly lit subjects under blue lights (like a band on stage).

EOSHD Pro Color V3 is available here

Bonus feature!

Check out this video on how best to expose the shot when shooting EOSHD Pro Color V3…