First full 5D Mark 3 review – features Intra-frame ALL-I video recording!

5D Mark III Review

This is great news for video on the 5D Mark III. The encoder is completely new and features the ALL-I Intra frame recording mode (like AVC Intra) that the Canon 1D X supports, at half the price of that body.

Add a 100% viewfinder and professional quality stills and you have the 5D Mark 3. Read on for more specs…

It seems the (incomplete as it happens) leaked specs were quite accurate. But they missed quite a bit on the video mode. Now, little bits of info are starting to leak out ahead of the official launch in a few hours. And they are good.

Video is recorded at ip to 25,600 ISO and there is an ALL-I mode where each frame is stored for video, or IPB which is the same as the standard GOP (Group Of Pictures) compression on AVCHD cameras.

The megapixel count is confirmed as just a 1MP increased on the old 5D Mark II which is great news for video because finally it means that ALL the improvement in sensitivity, gapless micro lenses, etc. will go into improving video and not wasted on extra pixels which have to be binned away.

You can view the full scan of the leaked review page here (if it is not yet taken down). It is in a French magazine but you can easily make out the specs. The camera has both microphone AND headphone jacks and manual audio control.

More news as it happens… A lot to come in the next 24hrs.

It is now the morning in Shanghai where one of the major Canon unveilings is to take place, so stay tuned…

4 hours and counting according to China based pro Dan Chung