DaVinci Resolve 10 sighted “on-set color correction and online editor”

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 10

Image source: Frank Glencairn

NAB 2013 is being prepared and an eagle eyed Frank Glencairn has spotted what appears to be a giant ad board for Blackmagic’s next version of Resolve – version 10.

The tagline is rather intriguing. It seems to suggest allude to an on-the-go editing device for on-set colour correction.

What is interesting here is that maybe the hardware side could be quite groundbreaking.

The first part of the text is obscured but it goes onto say “on set, color correction and online editor”.

Might Blackmagic have made a smaller portable physical editing unit for use on-location?

Meanwhile Blackmagic have just posted an updated Resolve 9.1.3 for download (for license dongle holders) at the website’s support area.

The update “includes general performance and stability improvements and for Mac OS X users support for the new FCPX 10.0.8 XAVC Quicktime workflow.”

XAVC is the new compressed 4K codec from Sony.

More news as it comes…