Canon removing 24p from new 4K mirrorless cameras

At EOSHD we like to ask the important hard-hitting questions with memes.

The EOS M6 II marks the debut of Canon’s new sensor technology with greatly improved readout speed.

Finally we have 4K “without a crop” (unverified) and 1080/120p from a 32 megapixel APS-C (Super 35mm) 1.6x crop sensor. Yes, they finally caught up with Samsung’s very productive 2014.

With the EOS M6 Mark II now uncomfortably close to the Canon C500 and several Netflix shows on the verge of cancelling their Arri Alexa orders for a diminutive $700 mirrorless camera, Canon felt compelled to lose the cinema frame rate of 24p.

EOSHD sought out Canon’s presidente for comment and their lead engineer, Laughing Man:

As you can see we are in safe hands.

They know exactly what they’re doing!

Nobody wants to shoot with a 90 year old cinema standard any more!

It is all soap-opera 30p from now on, and I think Canon would be wise to roll back the 5D Mark II firmware to get rid of 24p on that camera as well and put it back to the original 2009 launch spec.

Of course, Canon reps have been briefed with notes… They get these short memo occasionally, and I mean short – because they do have trouble reading long sentences. I asked a few Canon reps in Berlin about the lack of 24p on the EOS M6 Mark II:

“It’s a *checks notes* processing power limitation *checks notes* we can do 1p in 4K… and of course 30p!”

“It’s there to stop *checks notes* 60hz computer monitors interfering with 24p causing *checks notes* stutter and judder”

However the Russian Canon rep, ever truthful, unfortunately let facts slip:

“We took 24p out to protect Cinema EOS and EOS R sales”

Clearly didn’t get the memo in his Gulag, did he?