Rumor: Fuji GFX 100 to get ProRes RAW – Internal recording? Or external?

The Fuji GFX 100 along with the Panasonic S1H is the most advanced mirrorless camera for video on the market at the moment. There are reports today that Fujifilm are working on a big firmware update for the GFX 100, with ProRes RAW on the list of features.

I am very excited by this, not least because the GFX 100 definitely needs a firmware update. You can read about my list of quirks that Fuji should fix below.

We already know from the $35,000 Hasselblad H6D which shares a similar 100 megapixel sensor, that medium format RAW is possible, even from such a large sensor with a total effective resolution approaching that of 12K.

What is interesting about this is where will Fuji draw the line? Will the X-T4 get it? Will it be internally recorded on the GFX 100 to high-speed UHS-II SD card? I doubt it, but we can dream.

So if the rumours are right, medium format RAW 4K video is now a reality thanks to Fujifilm.

Feedback to Fujifilm! Fuji GFX 100 firmware update should fix this…

  • Bugs & missing features which require firmware update
    • Lens focal lengths are not shown in Mount Adapter menu (like they are with other Fuji cameras)
    • Horizontal lines in EVF at very high shutter speeds
    • Strange fuzzy and jittering image behaviour in some punch-in focus assists
    • IBIS fights panning movement, and lack of IBIS fine-tuning options for video users
    • No full frame 35mm or S35 crop modes for video users
    • Missing new X-T4 and X-Pro 3 film simulations like Classic Negative
  • No view assist for F-LOG or Eterna (unless you count the natural viewfinder mode)
  • No in-camera LUT support
  • No custom mode selection in video mode
  • No anamorphic mode

Fuji onto a winning camera range

The brand most improved for video in the last 5 years is Fujifilm.

EOSHD has been going for 10 years and in the first 5 years of this, Fujifilm were not on the radar for video shooters, although very much on the radar of professional Hollywood cinematographers (optics and film!)

Now fast forward to 2020, I own the GFX 100, range-finder style 50R for stills, hybrid X-T4, X-T3, X-H1 and stills orientated X-Pro 3 / X-Pro 2… I am just really impressed with all of them and it is rare Fuji makes a mistake.

Fuji have covered all the bases recently, although there are aspects of the Fuji X-Pro 3 which make it a bit of a backward step for usability over the X-Pro 2 – namely, the removal of the ability to record video on the press of a function button, the removal of the d-pad, the very strange hipster screen design and lack of F-LOG view assist like the X-T4 make me pick up the X-T4 and X-Pro 2 more often. Although neither the X-Pro 2 or 3 are really prioritising video users – it’s a bit strange not even to have a record button on a camera that shoots such impressive 10bit 4K.

The GFX 100 on the other-hand feels more like a medium format X-H1 which is good news because it handles more like a proper hybrid camera for video.

There is no better high-end mirrorless camera than the GFX 100.

There is no better priced medium format camera for stills than the 50R (or one nicer to use).

There is no better bargain for video users than the X-T4. Not even the Panasonic GH5.

You have to hand it to Fujifilm. They are doing superb products, and not until the Canon EOS R5 comes out will I look again at another system.

So… In 1 month then. Oh dear.

Source: FujiRumors