Optimising the GH2 for ISO 12,800 – a video tutorial


The footage here is shot with the EOSHD Intra-esting patch (AVC Intra at 88Mbit), which you can download here. Edit in Premiere CS5.5 on an AVC-Intra timeline for best workflow performance.

Myth busting time! Yes the GH2 really can do clean, detailed ISO 12,800 in low light, and it is the best current DSLR for low light shooting, with an organic fine grain noise pattern like the Canon C300. How? It all depends on picture profiles, as EOSHD shows in this video tutorial.

There’s more footage below, take a look at this shot in Shanghai at ISO 12,800 if you have not already seen it. I recommend downloading and projecting it or putting it on a large plasma screen to get a sense of the fine texture and how nice the noise is. It is very film like.


Footnote: there’s a slight strobing from indoor lights in the video – it isn’t a pulsing from noise, it is because of the GH2’s 24p output in a PAL 50hz country and the kind of lights I have installed in the studio. Although the main lights were off for the video and the room was almost entirely dark, there was a room at the back with the light on which is responsible for the pulsing. I shutter speed of 1/25 cannot entirely solves this, nor can 1/50 and 1/50 so I recommend using the V1.1 firmware and 25p mode where you encounter the kind of 50hz AC lights that produce this issue.