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ImageVision Z camera


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This Shenzhen, China based company attended NAB with this camera. Didn't see anyone notice/talking about them except Mitch from Planet5D in the DSLRFilmNoob podcast. Demo footage apparently looked quite something. Seems interesting enough for sure, although the fact that it does high ISO doesn't mean it's good at it. But let's wait and see. I'd be up for a bargain that performs like that. According 43rumors 699,- http://www.43rumors.com/z-camera-e1-4k-mft-camera-will-cost-699/ .

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Was just there back in october on a one day visit from Hong Kong (cross the border at Lo Wu). But the 43rumors-editor doesn't know the difference between Japanese and Chinese, so before people assume 43rumors knows what they're talking about, I thought I should include a little pointer. :P

- upd - ah, they finally figured out (or just read the comments) that the site http://www.imaginevision-tech.com isn't Japanese after all. They removed the statement.

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That looks really good. Bridging the gap between gopros and m4/3 video cameras. 

Did anyone see the sensor resolution listed? The creator saws you can take stills in RAW, but I couldn't find the resolution of the sensor. My guess is that, since it's a Panasonic-sourced sensor according to the creator it's 16mp. 

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I would love to buy this thing, but I would like to see 1080p120 so that it would really be justified in paying more for this than for a Hero4 Black. 


Also the camera uses contrast detect af. Does that mean it will be prone to focus hunting?

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I laughed when I read this. Twice. This is from their KickStarter Page:

"This allows for incredible low-light performance with the camera’s ability to shoot at up to 102,400 ISO while maintaining high image quality, up to 6400 ISO."

Due to the poor translation, it now implies that anything above ISO6400 is absolutely nonsense, and just some marketing gimmick.

The Z Camera has a declared Dynamic Range of 10 Stops. I wonder what the Dynamic Range of the GoPro Cameras is? Some of the video shot for the promo seemed to have very little dynamic range. I am guessing if they change the codec they could probably get out the best from the sensor. 

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Does it take stills too? How many mp is the sensor?

​Yeah it does (JPEG/RAW DNG). I happen to know that '1600万' means 16MP.

- (ah, the site is changeable to English as well though)

colors seem nice, but it looks like a lot of codec artifacts.

​The footage on the Kickstarter page looks shockingly bad for trying to sell us on this product that's all about video... But the downloadable promo vid which I linked to actually looked fairly promising. There were just some points when it was painful to see some weird compression side effects, especially in the scene with the boats there's a weird static overlay that doesn't refresh. Don't think it's my computer, but I also do not think it's the camera, I think it's the export.

Anyways. It's exciting to see something new. It's cool like a GoPro, for having something small to shoot with, secondary angles, especially for action/aerial kind of stuff. But then has the up in sensor and you can pick the lenses according your needs! Would be cool to see an actionproof housing for the Pana 20mm and 14mm though (for mounting on cars, skateboards, or have it on you when skiing or take it with you on a dive).

You might as well compare it to the new Blackmagic Micro Cameras: the Cinema and Studio 4K. But you know, they aren't really the action cams... they lack built-in wireless connectivity as well as a screen, which you would have to add additionally. That wouldn't only make it bulky... but also a more expensive choice. I do think there's a place for something like this. I hope they can pull it off.

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The FAQ on kickstarter is pretty clear about the sensor. It's the same chip as in the GH4.

What's the sensor size and what's crop factor?

The sensor is Panasonic MN34230 which is standard MFT sensor.
So, for still capture it's 2x as all MFT camera does. For video mode, it's around 2.34x crop factor.
One thing to highlight is, for 1080p60 mode, it's still of the same view angle as 4K.
For 1080p modes, we can do binning to obtain better crop factor as most of DSLR does.But we choose not to do in this way as we do downscaling instead of binning. You can compare the jaggy edge of the contents from our camera and a DSLR in day light and you will find out that it's smoothy.

How comes the ISO can be ridiculously 102400 for video?

OK, let me give you exactly my thoughts. This kind of High ISO isn't for normal movie shooting and there are noise or artefacts.

We have better noise filter which will make this camera to have better noise performance comparing to cameras which has the similar sensor size but it's not expected to be better than cameras which has much bigger sensors.

But we do think that it helps sometimes for documentary or some special cases. With this kind of high ISO it will be able to make you see details of the scenario which cannot be seen by human eye. Because of the MCTF we have, if the object isn't moving fast, the noise can be greatly removed. We will post some extreme low light video for your reference.

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I'm really looking forward to see some tests with this camera.
If it is clean till 3.200 i'll be satisfied.

But what i'm more curious about is the level of access we'll have to update the firmware (they claim it's an open platform camera).
Other great thing is that this camera have a similar crop factor/sensor from the GH4 but doesn't have a mechanical shutter like the Pana, so maybe we can use the BMPCC speedbooster (1.58x) with it. 

It would be amazing to use a light camera like that with an almost S35 sensor on a cheap gimbal for run gun shooting.

And last but not least, proper anamorphic shooting options for less than $1000 with a possible desqueeze preview via android/ios app.

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Creator Jason Zhang about 1 hour ago

@Samuel Cabral I'm hearing. We are going to have these options. We will even do 1:1 Aspect Ratio modes. Let me discuss with engineers and get back to you. 4:3 with 24fps will be provided, for sure.

 That's pretty cool! I have to admit, this thing could be very epic. There are some things quite like it, but nothing quite like it. :p


A look at the actual camera, with more on: https://www.facebook.com/Chiu.sir/posts/920427288017479 .

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