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New A7Rii Footage


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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

The aesthetic is bad, the dynamic range in limited, highlights harsh, colours plastic, and overall electronic image. (The editing and grading and motion are bad but not our subject). Let's hope the A7RII image is not like that. 

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100% fake. It doesn't even look like Sony footage (not to mention why would you mke a big deal of '4k video' and then only upload 720p footage to YouTube).

​I can see it 4k.

Maybe the user settings were over saturated and what not, but its way too early to see, and this could totally be fake, it really doesnt correspond to what sony showed us.

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Fake or not, I'm not sure why people judge a camera's IQ capabilities when in the hands of obvious amateurs posting junk on youtube.  

Well, I guess if they want to see the limitations of the default settings and images made by GAS geeks with no visual skills...

And it's not just amateurs.  I mean, let's recall that official NX1 film about the lady in the fridge.  That looked lame as heck, but we all know the camera has potential well beyond what was on display in that instance. 

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Imo it looks pretty much like all the official Sony promos usually does, unimpressive. 

But it definitely looks Sony. 

​Yup.  For whatever reason, the Japanese strive for the fast frame rate aesthetic. Not sure how they got started down that path --maybe because of the big way consumer technology is tied to their national economy, those legacy developments during the old broadcasting standard (ntsc 60i) days affected the culture?  I do know the "asadora" programming has always been hugely popular and they've been doing those @60fps since the early 1960's.  Almost all of their "prime-time" programming would do the same.

Imagine a mini-series like "Roots" or "Edge of Darkness" grabbing the popular imagination, but instead of it being filmed at 24p on analog film, it was all shot on 60i broadcasting cameras.  The Japanese would do a lot of their stuff electronically.  They're both motion pictures, but obviously look really dissimilar.  

Point is, the Japanese now typically prefer fast frame rates with pristine zoom broadcasting lenses over the cinematic look, and that difference translates into 60fps PR videos that tend to appear way too clinical to western eyes.

So, all that sort of nonsense being said, just consider the context when looking at Sony PR vids.  They're coming at imaging from a different taste.

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