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Music documentary shot on RX100 + BMPCC


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Hi guys!

Long time since I last posted here! OK, Last month Burbuja Films and I presented Midnight Sun, a documentary about the prolific music scene in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Let's try to embed the trailer right here:


I filmed the thing last summer during a two month hitch-hiking trip in these countries. Alone. For the journey, bands day to day and interviews I used the RX100 mk2, and for the music videos the BMPCC with c-mount primes. I also had a zoom h1 for audio. I was forced to use this tiny cameras as I was travelling with just one bag, but I also realised that sometimes the smaller the better, specially in this kind of docus where I needed the people to feel comfortable and act natural in front of the camera.

I just wanted to let you guys know that EOSHD was a huge source of inspiration it terms of which gear to choose for the job. I'm really happy with the performance of these two tiny cameras -they never let me down in the two months of production and we think the result is fantastic, considering the low-budget-ish nature of our project. Now, the documentary is touring in festivals all over the world and we hope people enjoy watching it.

Thanks for helping me!


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Yeah, the pocket looked so good by default, but the rx100 needed some more tweaking in post. For some reason the colours looked so saturated (specially reds) even when contrast and saturation were set to minimum. But it was great to have a stabilized wide f1.8 camera in the palm of my hand. Also things like tilting screen and the incredibly good on-board mics made the job easier.

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Woah, that's totally awesome! Cool idea.

I agree on the small footprint cameras if you travel around a lot (that's why I'm a M43 kinda guy myself, the LX100 rocks and the GH4 is pretty sweet (although sometimes it's neither of these for travelling, as I then might take the FZ1000 with me). The BMPCC is great, but travelling and its batterylife... not sure). I like the idea of rigging small cameras up big time, but also like the fact that I can also take the same small cameras and keep it compact. So because of that a 5DmkIII, D750 or even A7S is more or less out of the question for me as it's not even only the body, but the fullframe covering lenses as well. And indeed, a small camera will be less intimidating/drawing attention too. So great choice there! Seems to have worked out great.

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looks great! congratulations. 

what did you do for audio?

​Glad you people like it. I used mostly the rx100 on board mic (surprisingly good) covered with some wind-cut fabric. For the interviews and some other things I used a zoom H1, sometimes with a sony lav mic and sometimes with the default mics.

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