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  1. not too shabby! the video was shot with the X-T2. looks pretty damn good to me.
  2. @Kisaha you are right! it can't be 4 years... definitely feels like I had it for that long. the AF and the touch screen is amazing on the NX1. and the 16-50S is an outstanding piece of glass that is built like no other. it's a shame that they didn't make an NX2. it would have been something.
  3. I used the NX1 for about 4 years and did numerous paid gigs with it. the footage from the camera looks top-notch when it's lit well. but I really got frustrated when I had to shoot in situations (run and gun) where the lighting wasn't ideal. the footage starts looking really muddy. and with the type of work I do, I needed a camera that can handle above ISO 800/1600. to me the X-T2 is a great replacement; great skin tones, internal 4K on an SD card, and the price is not too high. but I do miss how the NX1 feels in your hands. that was perfection.
  4. a short doc shot with the X-T2. looks great.
  5. i use Filmcovert. you can add softness (i do about 20%) and also some film grain (30%). looks beautiful.
  6. @Elliot M i'm selling it on Ebay and i can ship it internationally. http://www.ebay.com/itm/322270381784?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  7. @Elliot M sorry, i'm in the US.
  8. The motion cadence in that video is the best I've ever seen.
  9. the camera and lens are in excellent condition. (i take really really good care of my gear). the lens has been protected by a UV filter since i got it. • extra battery. they are both samsung • the battery charger is a chinese version i got off of eBay. works well. • comes with Lightroom 5. • will throw in a 9ft usb cable that you can attach the plug in to. ideal for long interviews. • a Fosty dummy adaptor for Canon lenses. send me offers. ideally i will like sell them together. ping me with any questions.
  10. @DaveAltizer i received some more pics of the listing. the camera is a bit banged up. still a great deal. i'm too chicken s%#t to make the purchase...
  11. nice shot! so the 35mm on an nx1 is closer to a 50mm ish?
  12. selling a Canon C100 Mark ll in great condition. includes all the accessories and comes with the original box, manuals... will throw in an extra canon battery. $4000. shipping only in the US.
  13. @MonGe El GenioMusical same thing happened to me too. what worked for me was that i went to adobe.com, signed in, and then went to the Premier page and downloaded it from there.
  14. hi User - (i usually shoot run and gun) the problem with the sigma 18-35mm is that it's a pretty heavy lens. it gets heavy after shooting for a bit, and i consider myself a really steady shooter. i really like the 24 to 70, 2.8 despite not having an IS.
  15. thank you everyone for your comments. this was my first time using the NX1 for a hired job and it did pretty well. using a canon lens and trusting the peaking for focus was a bit challenging. i think next time i will use the Samsung 16 to 50 S lens. the tracking focus on that thing is awesome. also, the IS. initially i was using the C100 Mark ll and sparingly using the NX1 for the slow mo stuff. since i was a one man crew and shooting in a tight space, carrying two cameras around my neck was too much. so i decided to just shoot on the NX1 in UHD 24 and 120 slowmo. i'm pretty happy with how it came out, despite some banding in some of the footage. the footage of the show at the end is shot on the c100. here is one of the three i did.
  16. thanks for the comments and advice @Mattias Burling @Nick Hughes. my set up was the canon 24 to 70mm/2.8 lens, so wide open. i was shooting 125 frames for slow motion, hence the need for more light. might have a little LED light on the camera for a bit of fill next time.
  17. Shot some run and gun stuff with available light. As mentioned, ISO 1600 is on the edge of pushing it's limit. Will the lowlight capabilities be able to improve through a firmware update or is this the limit on this sensor?
  18. so i figured it out. this happens when i change the Luminance Level to 16-235. it looks fine on the LCD/EVF when recording, but when i play it back on from the camera, the images is a bit washed out.
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