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Panasonic GH4 firmware update V2.2 due to be released April 22nd

Andrew Reid

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Panasonic will release the new anamorphic firmware for the GH4 on Wednesday, April 22nd. With this update the Panasonic GH4 will have more vertical resolution than the Arri Alexa Studio for anamorphic.

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Agreed, I get a little suspicious when people rant about specs too much, it is a bit like guitars...when someone says such and such a guitar is sooo much better because of this reason or that, the fir

this is so much fun. driving my wife crazy. she's trying to watch the untouchables on hbo go while I frame her up in various CUs.

Panasonic will release the new anamorphic firmware for the GH4 on Wednesday, April 22nd. With this update the Panasonic GH4 will have more vertical resolution than the Arri Alexa Studio for anamorphic

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You can record internally. In fact you get a larger 4:3 frame that way. 3328 x 2496. albeit, 8bit 420.  I believe the reason why you can't monitor this over HDMI is because it needs to be embedded within an existing 4K frame that external devices can recognize and display (and record). If you set HDMI out to 10 bit 422, the 4:3 frame is reduced to 2880 x 2160 and embedded inside a 4K frame with black bars on the sides (pillar boxed). in this latter case, internal recording is disabled. 

​I finish everything in 2K so that's still plenty for me. and the addition of 10bit 422 is welcomed.

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Andrew what is you opinion of the letus pro anamorphics?

​Curious about the same thing. The SLR Anamorphots seem pretty nice, but I'm not sure how suitable they're for use with like the Veydra primes for example, you'd have to use some weird construction of step-down rings, not sure if they would work and how stable that would be. Clamping vintage anamorphics in such a case also doesn't seem very likey. Seems Letus got the concept figured out quite nicely as Veydra doesn't seem to be willing to go there (but instead release full anamorphic adaptations). Would be nice to have one purchase make every piece of glas you own, so many focal lenghts, anamorphic instantly. I won't argue that an anamorphic lens itself would be more ideal to work with, but you know... what if it is 5K. That's then either one single focal length anamorphic lens, or multiple lenses and an anamorphic adapter, or one awesome camera. I understand it's a cool option to be able to rent one at your local rental house, but buying one? If you're working with those kind of budgets, instead of owning one lens, you might want to rent something more high-end altogether I was thinking? Just thoughts. But the Letus Anamorphx is starting to make sense to me... especially with the new firmware, which I applaud Panasonic for!

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hey andrew,

I m glad that it seems that Panasonic is reading your work and that finally it seems that they 

listen and implement needs formulated here in their firmware!


I d like to ask you to maybe formulate a post to ask them for another implementation, 

if you like the idea:


as the new update allows all owners of the well worthy anamorpic lenses to go cinemascope,

someone formulated the idea recently that it would be more than great if panasonic could include

a real cinemascope mode, in reading out 4608 x 1960 pixel window of the sensor.

that would be the same amount of calculation and compression as with 16:9 4k, but without the

painful extra crop (which with this update and real anamorph lenses goes up to 2.74),

finally giving us back the natural wider field of view of all our lenses and a

2.35:1 for everybody! a dream coming true! 


Would be so great if someone they listen to would ask for it!

best regards 





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regarding the 2.2 updateI don t get much of the sense of the 10 bit part,

as I understand, the output via hdmi is bound to the hdmi specs, meaning 16:9 so there ll be black areas at the sides, 

in 16:9 with fixed height the 4:3 anamorph area would be 2880 x 2160. so its the same as before the update isnt it?


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