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  1. I don't get it. That's mean that we can't use a monitor to get de-squeezed picture ?
  2. Hi there. Keep in mind that the 5D video has been shot in raw. But with a GH4 you can have awesome shots too. It's Gh4 and GoPro too, but an exemple that you can have beautiful result with the good skills. To go back to the GH4 and the NAB. Finaly nothing really big here. I can already shoot anamorphic 2x with the Photo 4K, it's nice though for peole who need it to be able to change the frame rate. What's is a good thing too is that we can shoot with a proper codec too now, the one with Photo 4K mode wasn't the best. But what I really miss for this special anamorphic update is the de-squeeze mode. Sorry but this is a fail, or maybe an agreement with Zacuto, etc.
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