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    GH5 Prototype

    Please, whoever is at Photokina talking to panasonic reps: we desperately need (usable) cropmarks on the GH5. Camera has been out for 2.5 Years now and I'm still duct taping my display. Cropmarks for 2.35, 2.66 (with black/dark borders, not just lines), preferrably ability to upload custom cropmark images, Anamorphic desqueeze for 1.33, 1.5 and 2x, focus assist zoom during recording. Unfortunately Panasonic reps didn't pay any attention to a very detailed and easy update-list from the GH4 groups.
  2. We need Cropmarks, badly!! Or the function to upload custom Cropmark-Images. Please anybody who visits Panasonic Reps in this time before the GH5 release, help us get rid of duct-taping our display. It's so 2008. Cropmarks, anamorphic desqueeze, punch-in focus zoom during recording, sound during 96fps. I will visit Photokina myself and try to get hold of influencing Panasonic Reps, but we need a lot of people. Been writing mails and tweets and posts for the past 2 years.
  3. Cinemascope cropmarks, Cinemascope cropmarks, Cinemascope cropmarks! Please anybody who has acces to any Panasonic members: we need to be able to frame cinemascope/2.35 in-camera. It's just two lines or a 2nd guide line. PLEASE.
  4. Still badly need the 2.35 and 2.66 cropmarks for "normal" video modes though.
  5. Anything new on cinemascope cropmarks? They are implementing all these great anamorphic functions, but non-anamorph-shooters still need to duct-tape the display to get a sense of 2:35-framing. Need various aspect ratio cropmarks cropmarks or at least a 2nd horizontal guide line.
  6. One major flaw: The A7s (and most likely also other A7 and possibly even FS700) suffer from horrible clipping treatment in the blue/purple areas. Sample Video: (password: blue) Thread: http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?328486-A7S-Serious-quot-Colour-Burn-quot-Problem @Andrew: As we all know you have a much closer relationship to the big camera companies than most of us. Whenever you can, pls bring this to someones attention, since all my efforts only end up in Template-eMail-answers asking me to send my camera to a service partner, not acknowledging that this is in ALL cameras. This needs to be adressed with people who can do smth about this. Thank you.
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