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  1. They need to fire all they're execs they are smug and have their head up their asses
  2. Does it change the nature of the taker len's bokeh with or without a anamorphic adapter?
  3. need to blow out all canons c-level employees. They have no excuse they own the sensor company.
  4. I think canon needs to achieve a much higher dynamic range now as well. I think that is a major factor in why arri dominated the oscars. Another factor that makes the arri sensor look better is its ability to clearly distinguish colors variations. See this article comparing red dragon,epic and alexa. When shoot a chart with the red epic the vector scope shows the points with much more color smear than the alexa. A smeared color patch means that hues along that smear will all look the same. There won’t be much subtlety between hues. http://www.dvinfo.net/article/ultra-hd/dragon-color-does-tungsten-or-daylight-make-a-difference.html
  5. Hey Andrew, please ask them make all the lenses the same length like the xenon ff lenses that way we would not have to adjust the camera/motors to the matte box motors.
  6. The entire canon management team for cameras needs to be fired. The are old and clueless. Sony is bad also. They always lure you into something then leave out a critical feature only available in the most expensive pro product. Not sure why panasonic thinks its ok to have shit dynamic range. They really make the those rebranded Leica lenses look bad. Lets hope BlackMagic can get access to a better sensor and open sources their firmware.
  7. Sony ALWAYS does bullshit like this. They are very anti customer. They always have to lure you in but them limit some key feature for no apparent reason besides greed.
  8. Andrew in your reviewr can you push sony to include 10bit output in a firmware update. Who know maybe they will read it
  9. The bloggers should really start pushing sony to add 10bit output. Start a petition or something. Sony just can't release a perfect product they always have to artificially limit it in some way to make you have to look at their higher end shit.
  10. but of course sony has to limit it for not reason and only outputs 8bit hdmi. How much dynamic range can your really squeeze into slog2 at 8bit?
  11. Andrew, are you saying your moving to a 1dc or just 4k in general?
  12. What are your impressions of this lens vs the letus anamorphic. They kinda of look similar. Andrew do you like this lens enough to sell your iscos? I have a iscorama 54 and am wondering if i should it it now before these new anamorphics change the market price of the iscos. Greg
  13. I have no problem with the form factor. If I and hand held i'm always using my small hd monitor with the camera body on my shoulder like Hurlbut's master series. Most of my shoots have the camera in full matte box and cage on a jib and dolly.   No mention of audio meters yet. I agree anamorphic support is a no brainer.   With a wireless hdmi transmitter you really dont need to look at the back of the camera. I run a video village feed into a apple cinema display on a c stand.   http://www.amazon.com/Gefen-Wireless-Extender-Catalog-Category/dp/B009W6UZXU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1365462291&sr=8-3&keywords=GefenTV+Wireless+hdmi
  14. Honestly Its hard to work i'm so excited.  Just pre ordered it
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