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Panasonic AF200??? Is the Panasonic AF100 successor coming? AF100 still relevant?


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Source 1

I had a conversation with a Panasonic Rep here in Japan.He told me in the near future there will be an upgrade of the AF 101 camera announced. Newly designed sensor will have an immense dynamic range of up to 15 stops and 4K. Sensor will be a big surprise in unexpected ways. Not shure about the price tag though.


Source 2 via Photorumors.

  • 4K video
  • 18MP photo
  • 16+ stops of dynamic range
  • Improved lowlight capabilities
  • Improved skintones
  • Improved highlight rendition
  • Useable ISO (almost no grain) up to 12,800
  • The new camera will basically have one of the best stills and videos images/color rendition/dynamic range compared to the competition
  • Price tag is expected to be high – similar to the  AF101: around $3k-$4k


Thought I'd start a new thread to collect rumours about an "AF200" and to contain our own wild speculation/hopes/dreams about it ;-)

Not too long after the HDSLR revolution started, the companies started bringing out accessibly priced large sensor video cameras with interchangeable lenses. Such as the AF100, then later the FS100, then a bit later the C100.

Since then the C100 has been replaced with the (very disappointingly small update) C100mk2, the FS100's big brother the FS700 has been "replaced" (unofficially) with the FS7 (so surely the FS1 or FS200 is coming along next? Perhaps a topic for another thread...). Thus where is the AF200? One which has been waiting for an update for years and years longer than any of the others (and no, the AF100A hardly counts! Though I guess that is what Canon did with their "C100mk2"....).

Perhaps with the success of the GH4 (surely the most successful of the entire GH line so far), and the mainstreaming of 4K, those two factors will be sufficient to propel Panasonic to update the ageing AF100??

On a somewhat related point, how relevant is the AF100 still in 2015 and beyond? Some would think it still is:

Am somewhat considering an AF100 myself, as planning on doing the next upcoming wedding season with one GH4 body and perhaps five or so GH1 bodies (maybe swapping out one GH1 for a GH2 with a monitor instead, for my second shooter to use). Thus I'll have a GH4 for single camera shoots (corporate ads / music videos / etc) and I'll have a heap of GH1 bodies to cheaply (only US$150 each!) cover the multiple angles needed for filming live events such as weddings. And I should be able to easily edit between them (making life an awful lot easier for me than this wedding season when I used: Nikon D5200 / Sony A5100 / Panasonic GH1 / G3 / GF3 / BMPCC).

However, half considering if it is worthwhile getting an AF100 as well if I see one cheap enough (say perhaps getting close to US$1,000-ish). As for appearances sake it could be reassuring for clients/brides to see my show up with an AF100, and not just a bunch of tiny GH1 bodies. Additionally I could have it handle some of the sound needs with its XLR inputs (additional to my usage of a Tascam DR-60D). And it is a camera which should cut in fairly easily enough with the bulk of the GH1 footage I'd hope?

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

If the rumours are even close to true, I will buy 2 and never think about camera tech again.

Just having NDs and 4K with a good 10bit internal codec would be great, in such a smaller body (assuming a similar size to the AF100).

​Me too! I'd be happy, and would promise not to contribute to wishlists ever again, okay, well at LEAST for 12 months. But seriously, I'm very tempted by the C100 Mark 2 as an all-in-one 1080p machine for the next 3 years, but I'm loath to buy into the Canon system due to their "just enough" approach. Come on Panasonic, you can do it. I'm hoping it's just slightly more compact than the AF100, and looks less like a shoebox with a toilet roll coming out the back.

I guess what will decide the Success of the A200 or whatever else it will be called will mostly be the form factor and how ready it is to use put of the box, like a C300. That is what it needs to compete against. IMHO 

​I agree, if they nail the ergonomics and it delivers beautiful images out of the box then they will have a winner on their hands. If designed right and priced right it could cover the C100 and C300 market segments like the FS7.

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Remember even if these rumours are "real" and it does launch with those specs, it is just marketing spin.

So 16+ stops dynamic range might turn out to be "just" 13 stops. And ditto clean 12,800 ISO, might be 6,400 ISO instead 


But hey, if that ends up being the reality instead, I'll still be very very VERY happy about that! :-D

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There is nothing really "new" in the link I just shared. But the fact Noam Kroll posted this (a guy who almost never posts rumours) lends a lot of weight to this likely happening in at least some kind of form. Which makes this all the more exciting. 


@DigitalEd or at the very least it would put a lot of pressure on JVC to drop its price hugely. Certainly, it makes no sense to buy a JVC now before April the 13th! (I'm counting down each day....  although such a camera is well outside my current price bracket, but of those specs are legit I'll have to make an exception somehow!)


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  • 3 months later...

I went to NAB, expecting the AG AF200 and Panasonic was displaying the disappointing (to me)  new to be DVX200. I would rather have an (old) HC-X1000.

I looked across and at the JVC booth was the LS300 and it appears they have beaten Panasonic to the punch.

Will there ever be an AF100 successor? Could it have a new high ISO 4/3 Sensor or use a s35 one?


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I think older cams like the af100 are always going to be relevant for guys like me.  

They get really affordable to buy used when the next gen hits the market. 

I'm actually considering buying an older cam as my corporate gigs have been up-ticking a notch.  It begins to make sense depending if I land a particular contract.  Those clients feel more comfortable with bigger professional looking rigs on set.  They really can't tell the difference in IQ, so older and decent works for me.  Now, I could just kit out some of my consumer cams with rails and matte boxes, but (aside from the fact that I really dislike that stuff on consumer gear) I'm leaning to just getting a bigger/older pro used cam and assuage the corporate guys in that regard.

The older cameras also get a little cheaper to rent, which is nice too.

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