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Field Monitor for watching live unsqeezed GH4 Anamorphic shoot

Izhar Ashdot

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Oh, is it? Phew... Thanks for info. Haven't tried that. A bit shame. They must correct that if that photo mode is even ever meant to be used with anamorphic lenses...


Does anyone know the answer for my earlier question? Iscomorphot 8/1.5x with this MustHD monitor: is there way to see it de-squezed correctly in some of those aspect modes?

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I did a quick test with the Must HD field monitor, GH4 and the Atomos HDMI cable (with isco ultrastar). I was meaning to do this earlier but a friend wanted to borrow the monitor to see if it was worth bulk purchase for their shop. This is for anyone who is interested in similar setup. 

Ok so to summarize what I think overall, this set up is great but not perfect (yet). The monitor image quality is good and works well with GH4 menu interface etc. but GH4 still needs firmware update for HDMI output for the 4k Photo mode, so that is a downside for the moment for anamorphic lens users like us. I don't think I can get a exact aspect ratio of the image I get from a 2x lens even if we get the firmware update because the monitor is fixed to certain aspect ratio modes (can't be customized). However I can get fair idea of the final outcome using these modes.  I think this monitor wins over even smallHD in terms of image quality and functionality, especially when you think of the price point. I just wish it had a better looking menu and a more robust body build. My friend who borrowed the monitor mentioned that the changeable battery mount on the back is a unique feature at this price point. 

The atomos HDMI to micro HDMI cable is GREAT.... like reallllyyyyy solid great. I don't need to worry about it one bit while shooting. Especially with the cable lock on the MustHD. Not sure if there are any other video purpose built cables like this but this is by far the best one i've used for a filming situation. 


Monitor hood flips out into place with a spring or something. Design is really good, materials not so much. I wouldn't want to drop it. This is a shame because I really think the lack of a solid steel body build will put a lot of people off from buying this monitor even though other features on this thing are great. 


Made a cluttery mess for the test. 


The Atomos cable you see here is the longer version (19.6-25.6") 


2x Squeeze from the Ultrastar lens. 


2.35 aspect ratio mode on the monitor. Exact same image as above, just desqueezed 


couldn't resist.... 



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