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iMac 5K retina is here!


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5210 by 2880 Works out at just over 15 megapixels.  Great for displaying high quality photos.  But many new graphics cards can only support 4096x2160 rez, so I don't know If the amd laptop video card apple have got in this thing is capable of native 5210x2880 or if there is an upscaller in there (which seems pointless to me).

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

A 5K monitor of this quality would be considerably more than 2500$, yet this one has a built in full-fledged computer. I am looking forward to seeing this screen in real life.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

A 5K monitor of this quality would be considerably more than 2500$, yet this one has a built in full-fledged computer. I am looking forward to seeing this screen in real life.

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I recently acquired a Titan. Holy smokes. I'd agree that pairing a 5K panel with that would be something!






Scroll down to look at maximum digital resolution.   (4096x2160 for those who believe me).


According to this you wouldn't be able to use the whole screen natively.  Seems stupid to pay for the pixels when you are going to risk artifacts with upscalling or not use the intire monitor with 1-1 pixel mapping.


A DCI 4k resolution monitor (as opposed to quad HD) would make more sense to me.  Altough they may be rare and more expensive.

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Haha oh yep it's here already!


Dell and Apple always share the same panels it seems. Bonus being the Dell ones are usually not glossy so you can see your work, not your reflection...


Ah so 4K is maximum resolution in Windows at the moment? I'll just wait then, no rush and time yields a bargain ;)

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No, Windows 7 already can support just about anything as long as the video card and drivers allow for it.


I thought there was an issue with scaling of things like icons in certain apps on Windows 7 that is only fixed on Windows 8 (and higher).  So if you run photoshop for instance on Windows 7 attached to a 4k monitor the icons all come out as unclickably tiny because they are effectively fixed pixel size and the dpi is higher (so icon size is smaller).  On windows 8 they have addressed this so that the OS can scale things up when attached to a 4k monitor so that user interface elements stay roughly the same size in real world measurements.


(I only think this because one of the magazines I read keeps banging on about it whenever they review a 4k monitor and they keep saying you need Windows 8 with 4k monitors.  I don't have a 4k monitor and only a windows 8 laptop so I can't verify myself).

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    • Guest 5da2beb49b025ee48da50b8bd600dc47
      By Guest 5da2beb49b025ee48da50b8bd600dc47
      Hi Everyone,
      I'm looking into buying a new Mac for my video editing and would really appreciate any advice. 
      Being budget minded, if I was just starting out I'd be seriously considering a PC, but I've never owned anything other than a Mac (G4 in 2001 was my first) - and I'm actually very keen on FCPX. So I'm definitely looking at Macs only.
      I've been editing on a MacBook Pro for the last several years, but it's now way too slow for my recently increased workload. Having done a bit of research, I'm pretty sure I'm going for a desktop setup this time - more bang-for-buck, and tbh my Macbook was plugged in 95% of the time anyway.
      So my choice is between:
      iMac 21.5"( customized: 3.1GHz i7 / 16GB RAM / GeForce GT 750M 1GB)
      iMac 27" ( customized: 3.5GHz i7 / 16GB RAM / GeForce GTX 780M 4GB)
      MacPro (the new one - lowest spec)
      I currently only edit AVCHD and H264 (G6 and D5300) - no RAW - and it will probably be that way for the foreseeable future. I would like the option of using Resolve in the future but it's not essential, particularly right now.
      The obvious answer is probably to buy the most powerful setup I can afford, but I think a Mac Pro is probably overkill, and with all the necesarry add-ons it's a bit out of my budget.
      So I'm primarily looking at the iMacs. In terms of screen size I'm easy - I'd lean slightly toward the 21" plus a 2nd monitor, but 27" alone would be fine too. I think it all comes down to processing power really ...
      As I say I'll be mainly running FCPX (and one thing I'd really love is for my new mac to rip through Neat Video rendering). Can anyone help with my decision? Will the extra processing 'oomph' (i7 and graphics card) of the 27" described above be of very great benefit? Ability to run Resolve smoothly would be a bonus but not an essential.
      One final note - all 4TB of my external drives are Firewire. Will performance suffer a lot from not having Thunderbolt drives, or is it feasible to get by with my old FW's until I can afford a few new HDs?
      Any advice or experience greatly appreciated - thank you!
    • By Dr. John R. Brinkley
      Andrew's post about the Hackintosh for editing RAW files got me thinking about how to approach an editing system for the GH3 I'll be using (once it finally ships to the US).
      I'm curious how much power and storage I would when shooting with a GH3. (Keep in mind I'm not thinking of a PC system, but open to the idea if someone feels they have great results).
      Would a Mac Mini with quad core and 8gb RAM suffice? And has anyone done any DIY upgrades to a Mac Mini that works well?
      I've been leaning towards a new Imac but can't stand the lack of adaptability and higher cost, which is why I was wondering if I could get away with a Mac Mini and getting my own monitor at a cheaper price. Tweeking a Mac Mini may be an exercise in stupidity I realize, but you can at least get into the guts and people seem to do various unauthorized upgrades, like putitng in an extra hard drive and such. But will this be worth it considering the cost?
      I assume a laptop would not be enough power but maybe not?
      Curious what others thought based on what you know about the GH3 and the file sizes and demands that will be required...
      Dr. John
    • By QuickHitRecord
      As of tonight, the new iMacs are finally officially available for ordering from the Apple store. The maximum configuration looks something like this:
      [*]3.4GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz
      [*]32GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 4X8GB
      [*]768GB Flash Storage
      [*]NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2GB GDDR5
      [/list]All for about $4,500.
      Opting for 8GB of RAM (to upgrade later) and a 3TB Fusion Drive instead bring the cost down to about $3000. 
      Also, the Cubix Xpander is an external peripheral that allows for the use of second GPU, and the 10GB/s Thunderbolt connection allows for additional drives to be hooked up externally -- including the 12TB Thunderbolt RAID.
      This all sounds impressive, but how future-proof (i.e. ready for the next five years) is this setup? I suspect that it can handle 4K ProRes, but what about 4K RAW (and Davinci Resolve)?
      I have also been communicating with a custom PC builder on eBay who is going to spec out a workstation specifically designed to work optimally with Adobe CS6 and Davinci Resolve 9. I'll post the results of that when I get them.
    • By milandirector

      I have a deal to get macbook pro with retina display, and I m wondering if the 2.6 version with 16 G or RAM would be enough for the BMC postproduction with RAW DNG files - for editing on Premiere and color correction on new Resolve, or do I have to wait for the new iMac 3.6 i7 with 32 G or RAM (iMac also has option for a much better graphic card)?
      Also is Cuda working on either of these machines?

      Thanks a lot for your insights.
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