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Panasonic GH4 to ship in Europe from 5th May

Andrew Reid

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Just a brief note: Panasonic have given me a ship date for the GH4 in Europe. First shipments leave the factory last week of April destined for Germany. Shipments to dealers start after the May 1st ho

Had to return my test sample today... :( Already missing it. Going to get one ASAP :)   I'm curious how long it will take before there is a real competitor (same price range, internal 4K recording,

Arguing??? What makes you think I'm arguing about anything? People don't read too good these days.

I just ordered 2 x 128gb U3 Transcends from B&H. Didn't even consider that they might not work in the GH4. Surely Panasonic would have thought about it given the 200mbit bitrate...


Anyone from Australia heard any ETA info. So desperate to get my GH4 by May 17th :(

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I'll just get a spare battery. There's plenty of juice in them. You can get a battery grip to fit two of them. I think it's the same as the GH3

Silly question I asked... didn't realize an extra battery was $12! :) I'm accustomed to portable power always being an issue, which is not the case with this camera.
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@Christina : considering the reviews of preproduction models, I wouldn't worry about the quality of these cameras. 
Also, Panasonic has a very good track record of fixing stuff with firmware updates.


I just called the shop where I preordered mine, and apparently plenty of people preordered.  I'm not even sure if they'll be able to help all of us within the first week of release. 
So anyone ordering today or next week, will probably have to wait quite some time before getting their camera.

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As you probably already know, Panasonic isn't interested in the Vietnam market, so I've been waiting for a Hong Kong or Malaysia release. DigitalRev is taking preorders but I think they're asking US $2,500? Maybe a mistake? Having it shipped here is out of the question, as customs will charge me an additional 20-25%. Maybe YL Camera in Kuala Lumpur, where I got my GH3, for the same price as in the States. No hurry anyhow: still gotta save up

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