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  1. I've (this week) ordered an iMac with the i7 4Ghz and the M395X GPU. Ram and HDD I left standard, as aftermarket ram is substantially cheaper (and is a user 'allowed' update) and as I'm using a RAID already didn't feel the need to mess with the HDD (as its a fusion SSD combo) My decision was based on the fact I'm almost 90% in FCPX - and the performance of the iMac is so on par with the a 6 Core MacPro with dual D500 GPUs. Which is crazy for the price difference and the included 5K screen....
  2. Sorry to dig up an old thread. But I'm looking at these cheaper cards. Did you get anywhere with them?
  3. Thats cruddy... Have a look at www.mobygratis.com if you like his music for your videos. Credit to him for letting us use his stuff. Looks like its back to Youtube - what is the score with them now? So I add a famous audio track to my video - what happens? An automatic link below to the track? My video is taken down? And what about Ads? A lot of videos I see now, have overlaid ads - is this a choice you can make? @Zach, I think anything you make/distribute/make available for free is fair game for nonprofit use, as long a credit is mentioned. Not sure anyone would want to use my
  4. Wow that A6000 AF is pretty amazing!
  5. I did some 10bit recording on my Ninja2 from the GH4 - Too be honest I haven't got the eye to tell the difference. There was no 'night / day' wow difference. The only thing I can say, is that the HDMI output of the GH4 now matches the internal recording much closer than the GH3. I over laid two recordings in FCPX (one Ninja, one GH4) and you can't tell the difference, in colour, sharpness or contrast.
  6. Haven't had a chance yet. Planning on spending Saturday am having a play with the Ninja and 10bit goodness
  7. Could this not be achieved with (within reason) with what we have now? We have 30FPS+ 4K now (isn't that like 8MP?) - could it not be feasible for a camera to take 30 frames+, which at each 'take' adjusts the focus a point further? Then on viewing on the picture, you can move between the frames, which would be moving through the focal points? Rich
  8. Bang for buck, I don't think you can go wrong with the new Transcend 64GB /128GB cards they have released. I haven't used Transcend cards before, so can't comment on reliability. But the cost vs performance, I can't see an equal! I have ordered 2x the 128GB cards - they work out at 80€ each. That is for a guaranteed write speed of 30MB/s - I can't find cheaper! Not sure where you are based, but here are a US and UK linky: BHPhoto - http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1044487-REG/transcend_ts128gsdu3_128gb_sdxc_uhs_i_u3_r95_w60mb_s.html Amazon UK - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Transcen
  9. Inazuma, From the preproduction videos we seen (here from Andrew and elsewhere) Looking at 1/3 stop better performance (yes not a massive amount) - so image quality has been improved and so too the noise characterists. But its not a mega leap over the GH3 (at 1080) Andrew has taken the time to upload examples to Vimeo - AND provide the source files via links to copy.com (or some hosting thingy he has) Don't make the mistake I made and rely on the Vimeo/YouTube videos - you really need to download the originals and have a look. However, taking the 4k image from the camera and downs
  10. These mock images of the Hero4 have been doing the rounds before the 3+ was released. If a 4 was around the corner - why not announce at NAB? But knowing GoPro, they are very similar to Apple. No news and then - bam, Order your Hero4 today! I think we can all believe the 4 will be exactly the same size/dimensions as the 3/3+ as GoPro have had a flurry of new accessories out for the 3+ now. 3D housings, black housings etc etc
  11. Yeah, there is no question we will be able to view/record the 1080p video out of the GH4, while recording internally at 8bit. I'm just really interested in - how that 1080 signal is generated :) Shipping the 24th...!? They must be on their way to the shops soon then! :D
  12. I really hope (also) that Panasonic are knocking them out at a rapid rate for launch! :-) One thing I thought of last night was the HDMI output... So...you can record 4K to the internal card and this will limit the HDMI to the same 8bit 4:2:0. But you can set the HDMI output to 1080 (so we can still use our external viewers/records) But how I wonder does the camera generates this real time downsample to 1080? Line Skipping? Pixel Binning?
  13. I'm really hoping that the externally recorded 10bit footage will be a big step up from 8bit - to get away from banded skies and the like.
  14. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth! Any thoughts on a GUI? How do you program something like this anyway! (I'm really impressed!) and what are DPX files?
  15. Are all the A7 cameras physically the same ? same screen, button layout, same dimensions etc??
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